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Highway Christian Hospice
Choosing Hospice
By Evelyn Newton, RN, CHPN

Often when a disease has reached the terminal stage, a physician will advise a hospice referral.  Most patients and families will agree with the doctor’s suggestion.  The majority of people when asked will state they know about hospice and what it does.  Many have known someone who has used hospice services.  But most do not understand all that hospice provides or implies.  An informal visit to discuss hospice as an option for care is always a good beginning. 


Most initial visits will occur in one of three settings: a hospital room prior to discharge, a home, or a nursing or assisted living facility.  The patient/family should arrange the time for quiet, private, uninterrupted conversation.  No matter the place, hospice workers are always eager to share information and talk about the work we do. Discussion should be open, informal, with no pressure to make a decision until the patient/family is comfortable and ready.  Materials will be provided if further family discussion is desired after the visit.  Admission can be arranged quickly once the decision is made to accept hospice services.


Patients/families do not need to accept the first hospice that is suggested.  There are many hospices and patients/families should find the one that meets their needs the best.  Patients/families have the right to choose the hospice they feel comfortable with.  Highway Christian Hospice is small and provides very individualized care with the same staff providing patient care at all times.  We pride ourselves on knowing our patients and their needs to enable quick response to changes in condition. 

Call 602-274-1952 with questions or to schedule an informal visit if you'd like more information.