Timeline of Recent History

EFM's Spiritual Autobiograpyhy for Common Lesson One Year B (1999, 2003, etc.) asks us to "Draw two parallel lines..., one for historical events and one for personal events. Note the birth date of the oldest person in the group and begin the historical timeline at that date. Put today's date at the end." This timeline of recent history may be helpful.

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Timeline of Events for Spiritual Autobiography, Year B


1921 BBC founded; Harding was President US, "Unknown Soldier" buried at Arlington National Cemetary, 1st Miss America Pageant, The American Foundation for the Blind (AFB), a non-profit organization recognized as Helen Keller's cause in the United States, is founded.


1922 Insulin first given to diabetics, Hesse wrote "Siddharta," Irish Free State, USSR formed, pushbutton elevator invented, Lincoln Memorial dedicated


1923 Gershwin wrote "Rhapsody in Blue," Coolidge became US President


1924 Insecticides first used, B. Shaw wrote "St. Joan," Hitler wrote "Mein Kampf," frozen food invented, 1st Winter Olympics


1925 First Leica camera, John Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby," Hindenburg president Germany, circuit breaker invented


1926 Germany admitted to League of Nations, Abolition of polygamy in Turkey; 1st transatlantic phone conversation, Gertrude Ederle 1st woman to swim English Channel


1927 Lindbergh flies across Atlantic, Pavlov: "Conditioned Reflexes," "talkies" (movies) invented


1928 First scheduled TV broadcasts, Fleming discovers penicillin, Amelia Earhardt flies the Atlantic, iron lung invented


1929 Jan. 15, 1929 - Dr. King is born Talkies replace silent films, Black Friday stock market crash, EEG invented; Hoover became US President, 1st flight over South Pole


1930 Gas turbine invented, First supermarket opened, Planet Pluto discovered


1931 Empire State Building completed, Pearl Buck wrote "The Good Earth," "The Star-Spangled Banner" became US national Anthem


1932 W.H. Carothers synthesized nylon, Aldous Huxley wrote "Brave New World," Lindberg baby kidnapped


1933 First US aircraft carrier launched, Roosevelt introduces "New Deal," Hitler appointed Chancellor, Germany; FD Roosevelt became US President


1934 First freeways(Autobahn), Germany; USSR admitted to League of Nations


1935 First radar, Roosevelt signs US Social Security Act, Nuremberg Laws against Jews, Persia becomes Iran, launderette invented, Richter seismographic sale invented, A group in New York City called the League for the Physically Handicapped formed to protest discrimination by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The league's 300 people -- most disabled by polio and cerebral palsy -- all had been turned down for WPA jobs. In the United States, Dr. Alexis Carrel, a nobel prize winner who had been on the staff of the Rockefeller Institute since its inception, publishes his book "Man the Unknown." In it he suggests the removal of the mentally ill and the criminal by small euthanasia institutions equipped with suitable gases.


1936 BBC begins TV service, Margaret Mitchell wrote "Gone With the Wind," Mussolini & Hitler form Axis, cortisone first used


1937 Focke builds helicopter, Hindenberg airship disaster


1938 Lajos Biro (Hungary) invents ballpoint pen, Benny Goodman introduces jazz, Germany: Crystal Night, fiberglass, florescent light, Teflon invented


1939 First nylon stockings, Steinbeck wrote "Grapes of Wrath," WWII began, DDT first used, first treatments with electroshock; Rh factor in blood discovered, Amid the outbreak of World War II Hitler orders widespread "mercy killing" of the sick and disabled. The Nazi euthanasia program was code-named Aktion T4 and was instituted to eliminate "life unworthy of life."


1940 First successful helicopter flight in US, 1st electron microscope, Hemingway: "For Whom the Bell Tolls," 40-hour work week began, (1940-1944) In Nazi Germany 908 patients are transferred from Schoenbrunn, an institution for retarded and chronically ill patients, to the euthanasia "installation" at Eglfing-Haar to be gassed. A monument to the victims now stands in the courtyard at Schoenbrunn.


1941 Plutonium discovered, Churchill & Roosevelt sign Atlantic Charter, (03-Aug-1941) In Nazi Germany a Catholic bishop, Clemens von Galen, delivers a sermon in Munster Cathedral attacking the Nazi euthanasia program calling it "plain murder." (23-Aug-1941) Hitler suspends Aktion T4, which had accounted for nearly a hundred thousand deaths by this time. However the euthanasia program quietly continued using drugs and starvation instead of gassings.


1942 Electronic computer in US, Magnetic recording tape invented, "Manhattan Project," Nazi gas chambers; US rationing began - sugar, gasoline, coffee


1943 First "Liberty" ships launched, Mussolini dismissed & Italy declares war on Germany, rationing - shoes, canned goods, meat, fat, cheese


1944 V-2 rockets, First jet airplanes, Vietnam declares independence from France; first eye bank (NY)


1945 First atomic bomb detonated, NM, Shintoism abolished in Japan, UN

established, Communists in China, Tupperware invented, Truman became US President, WWII ended, rationing ended


1946 Benjamin Spock: "Baby and Child Care," Juan Peron President of Argentina, Nuremberg Tribunal, Greek Civil War, Chinese Revolution and Indochina War begin


1947 First supersonic flight, Transistor invented, Kon-Tiki voyage, Dead Sea Scrolls, India independent, Burma independent; 1st Antoinette Perry (Tony) Awards for theater. 1947 Jackie Robinson becomes the first black to play in the major leagues


1948 LP records invented, Gandhi assassinated, Marshall Plan, Israel becomes state, velcro invented; first Polaroid camera, religious education barred in public schools, term "Cold War" coined (Bernard Baruch)


1949 Orwell: "1984," NATO Treaty, Germany divided, Indonesian sovereignty from Holland, Mao Tse-tung


1950 Antihistamines used as cold remedy, Einstein's theories, McCarthy purges, start of Korean War (-1953)


1951 First heart-lung machine, Color TV introduced, US presidency = 8 years


1952 Contraceptive pill, 1st hydrogen bomb, Hemingway: "The Old Man & the Sea," Elizabeth II crowned, panoramic movies invented


1953 Hillary & Tensing climb Everest, Khrushchev replaces Stalin, polio vaccine invented; Eisenhower became US President, Julius & Ethel Rosenberg executed for espionage, Ed Roberts, "father of the independent living movement," contracts polio.


1954 1st nuclear powered sub, US school desegregation, Laos & Cambodia independence, Nasser heads Egypt, measles vaccine invented. 1954 Brown v. Board of Education


1955 Salvador Dali: "The Lord's Supper," Montgomery, AL bus boycott, AFL & CIO merge. Dec. 1, 1955 - Rosa Parks refused a bus driver's order to surrender her seat near the front of a bus to a white man.


1956 Transatlantic telephone cable, Nasser seizes Suez Canal, Cuban Revolution. Dec. 21, 1956 - Bus segregation declared illegal.


1957 Sputnik - 1st earth satellite, Term "Beat" introduced, Bernstein: "West Side Story," Common Market, Cuba- Castro overthrows Batista; pink flamingo lawn ornaments invented. Little Rock Arkansas; First Civil Rights Act. Sept. 24, 1957 Desegregation at Little Rock, Arkansas - Governor Orval E. Faubus


1958 US launches satellite Explorer I, Van Allen radiation belts discovered, Racial tension/Little Rock; song: "Volare" (Domenico Modugno) Aug. 19, 1958 - Student sit-ins - EG, Woolworth's lunch counter, Greensboro, NC


1959 USSR Lunik reaches the moon, Teilhard de Chardin: "The Phenomenon of Man," Vatican I, Hawaii becomes 50th US state; song: "Mack the Knife" (Bobby Darin)


1960 Laser developed, 1st weather satellite, Film: "Exodus," U-2 spy plane shot down, Kennedy-Nixon debates, 16 African nations become independent, Vietnam War (1960-1975) 1960 Civil Rights Act of 1960, 1960 Sit-in Campaign


1961 Yuri Gagarin first man in space, last trip Orient Express, Peace Corps started, Berlin Wall built, Bay of Pigs invasion fails; song: "Moon River" (Henry Mancini), Kennedy became US President. May 3, 1961 - The Congress of Racial Equality organizes the "Freedom Riders," bus loads of people waged a cross-country campaign to try to end the segregation of bus terminals.


1962 Mariner 2 Venus probe launched, John Glenn orbits earth, Thalidomide damages babies, Vatican II, US blockade of Cuba; song: "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" (Tony Bennett) Sept. 30, 1962 University of Mississippi Riot. In 1962 a black student, James Meredith, attempted to attend the University of Mississippi law school. President Kennedy sent troops to restore order.


1963 Valentina Tereshkova first woman in space, Quasars discovered, Pope John XXIII succeeded by Paul VI, nuclear test ban treaty, Kennedy assassinated & Johnson became US President, audio cassette invented; song: "The Days of Wine and Roses" (Henry Mancini), 1963 June 11 University of Alabama. Two Negro residents of Alabama refused admittance on the grounds of their color. They had appealed this refusal to a federal court, which had demanded that they be admitted. 1963 Birmingham, Alabama - Dr. King, the Reverend Abernathy and the Reverend Shuttlesworth lead a protest march in Birmingham. The three ministers were arrested and taken to Southside Jail.March on Washington - Aug. 28, 1963 - King delivers his "I have a dream" speech


1964 First close-up photos from moon (Ranger VII), Beatlemania in US, Krushchev replaced by Kosygin & Brezhnev, Tanganyika & Zanzibar unite to form Tanzania; song: "The Girl From Epanema" (Stan Getz & Astrud Gilberto) Jan. 23, 1964 - 24th Amendment ratified - bans the use of poll taxes in federal elections Jul. 2, 1964 - Civil Rights Act - which prohibited discrimination in employment and established the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Aug. 4 Bodies of three civil rights workers are discovered on a farm near Philadelphia, MS. The FBI said they were murdered by White segregationists. Dec. 10, 1964 - Nobel Peace Prize - In January 1964, Time magazine chose King "Man of the Year," the first black American so honored. Later that year he became the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize.


1965 Map" suggests Leif Ericson discovered America, "The Sound of Music" filmed, Singapore independent, Malcolm X shot in NY, Racial violence in Selma, AL, Watts riots, Rhodesian independence. Mar. 7, 1965 - Montgomery March - Bloody Sunday. Outraged over the killing of a demonstrator by a state trooper in Marion, Alabama, the black community of Marion decided to hold a march from Selma to Montgomery, the state capital, where they would appeal directly to governor Wallace to stop police brutality. As the demonstrators crossed the bridge leading out of Selma, they were ordered to disperse, and were immediately attacked by police using tear gas and batons. Mar. 21 Thousands of marchers, led by Martin Luther King Jr., complete first leg of five- day Selma to Montgomery march. Aug. 4 President Lyndon Johnson signs voting rights bill, which authorized the suspension of literacy testing and the sending of federal examiners into South. Aug. 6, 1965 - Voting Rights Act - U.S. attorney general authorized to send federal examiners to register black voters under certain circumstances. It also suspended all literacy tests in states in which less than 50% of the voting-age population had been registered or had voted in the 1964 election. The Voting Rights Act was readopted and strengthened in 1970, 1975, and 1982. Aug. 11, 1965 - Rioting in Watts The Watts area of Los Angeles erupted into a riot that lasted for several days and left 34 dead.


1966 Luna 9 (USSR) makes soft landing on moon, Aldrin (US) makes space walk (Gemini 12), Egypt: Temples moved from waters of Aswan Dam, Truman Capote: "In Cold Blood," China's Cultural Revolution began; song: "Strangers in the Night" Frank Sinatra), Medicare started. Jan. 7, 1966 - "Open City" - King announces the "Open City" campaign to fight problems in the North. Jan 18 Robert Weaver takes oath as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and becomes first Black Cabinet member. June 6 James Meredith is wounded by White assassin as he walked along U.S. Highway 51 near Hernando, MS, on second day of 220-mile voter registration march for Memphis to Jackson. June 12, 1966 - Chicago Riot - Rioting breaks out in Chicago. Nov. 8 Edward W. Brooke (R-MA) is elected U.S. Senator, the first Black senator since Reconstruction. Jan. 16 Lucius D. Amerson, first Black sheriff in the South in the 20th century, is sworn in at Tuskegee (Macon County)AL. Feb. Panthers provide armed bodyguard for Malcolm X's widow. April Bill Knowland created the Free Speech Movement. April 18 Uprising and shots exchanged between police and blacks in Pittsburgh, Calif. May 6 Heavyweight professional boxing champion Muhammad Ali lost an appeal of a five-year federal prison term to which he was sentenced for refusing induction into the Army. June 13 Thurgood Marshall, U.S. Solicitor general, in nominated as associate justice of Supreme Court. He is confirmed by Senate on August 30. June 18 Cleveland riots.


1967 Cosmonaut Komarov killed in Soyuz 1, Barnard: 1st heart transplant, 1st synthetic DNA, 3 US astronauts killed on launching pad, Race riots in US cities, Israel/Arab 6-day war, Israel occupies West Bank & Jerusalem; microwave ovens invented, 1st football "Super Bowl" Jun. 23, 1967 - Detroit Riot. July Cleaver attacked white "mother country radicals," particularly the Communist party and Socialist Workers party. Oct. Black Panther Party for Self Defense formed. * The first issue of the Black Panther was printed.

* "Conference' 67, Survival of Black People." * In Cleveland, during the disturbance, two NBC cameramen, Julis Bores and Charles Ray, were beaten badly enough to require hospitalization. * A Twelve-man tank, designed for use in Vietnam, five of these vehicles were loaned to the Detroit Police Department. * Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics became the first black coach of a professional team in any major American sport. * Actor Robert Hooks and playwright Douglas Turner Ward founded the New York Negro Ensemble Company, a widely acclaimed repertoire group that trained and encouraged new Negro actors, playwrights, and backstage personnel. * Carl Stokes was elected the first black mayor of a major city when he won a hotly contested election in Cleveland, Ohio. Stokes, a Democrat, received almost universal black support and considerable white support as well.


1968 Pulsating radio waves (Pulsars) discovered, Papal encyclical against artificial birth control, ML King & Robert Kennedy assassinated, Czechoslovakia invaded by Warsaw-Pact troops. Vietkong Tet offensive; song: "Mrs. Robinson" (Simon & Garfunkel) 1968 January - Eldridge Cleaver, was murdered in Los Angles.

Jan. 4 Federal Judge John Butzner, in Richmond, Virginia, ruled in favor of a group of Negro employees of the Philip Morris Tobacco Company, who sued the company and Local 203 of the Tobacco Workers International Union under the fair employment section of the federal Civil Rights Act of 1964. Mar. 2 1968, - Separate and Unequal - A report is released that the Nation is divided into groups of Blacks and whites. April 1 A three-judge federal court ordered Alabama's separate athletic associations for white and Black schools merged and operated without racial discrimination. April 1 Martin Luther King predicts fascism coming to U.S. April 3 A federal court approved a free-choice school desegregation plan for the Elloree, South Carolina, school district over the Justice Department's objections that the plan was inadequate. Apr. 4, 1968 - Dr. King is assassinated. James Earl Ray, was convicted of King's murder, the question of whether he was the paid agent of conspirators has not been conclusively resolved. Apr. 8, 1968 - City Hall March - Coretta King leads a march of 42,000 to city hall to mourn her husbands death. April 8 The Supreme Court ruled that a Georgia court was wrong in dismissing criminal charges against white hoodlums charged with conspiring to beat up Negroes who patronized a white restaurant. Apr. 9, 1968 - Dr. King is buried April Violence erupted in a near destruction of a high school and a gun battle between blacks and police officers. 4 Bobby Hutton, Treasurer of the Black Panthers, was shot and killed by police. Aug. David Hillard called a press conference and issued copies of a Berkeley Police Department battle plan for assaulting the Panther National Headquarters. Oct. Police chiefs from forty-five American cities met to discuss problems of law enforcement during periods of riots and civil disobedience. * Shirley Chisholm was elected to Congress, from the 12th District in Brooklyn, after four years in the New York Assembly. * More than three hundred Negro delegates and alternates atteneded the 1968 Democratic national convention-close to three times the number participating in the 1964 convention. * Members of Resurrection City march near the Washington Monument during the Poor People's Campaign in the nation's capital.


1969 1st man on moon (Neil Armstrong, US), Mariner space probe - photos from Mars, Test flight of Concorde, US ban of DDT, Woodstock Music Fair, DeGaulle resigns, Riots in Belfast, US demonstrations against Vietnam war, video cassette invented; song: "Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In" (5th Dimension), Nixon became US President. * Huey P. Newton appeared before a Federal judges in San Francisco, seeking release from jail pending and appeal of his conviction for voluntary manslaughter of an Oakland policeman.


1970 Soviet spacecraft Venera 7 lands on Venus, Luna 16 returns with moon rocks, Kent State students killed during Vietnam war protest, end of civil war in Nigeria, floppy disk invented; song: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" (Simon & Garfunkel), Ed Roberts and his peers at Cowell (UC Berkeley Health Center) formed a group called the Rolling Quads. The Rolling Quads form the Disabled Students' Program on the U.C. Berkeley campus.


1971 1st manned spacestation (Saljut), 3 Russian cosmonauts die (Soyuz 11), Greenpeace founded (Vancouver), Church of England & Vatican end a 400-year old dispute, Beginning of detante betw/US & China, Idi Amin ruler (Uganda), War between Bengali rebels & Pakistan, Ed Roberts and his associates establish a Center for Independent Living (CIL) in Berkeley, CA for the community at large. The center was originally in a roach-infested two-bedroom apartment until the Rehabilitation Administration gave them a $50,000 grant in 1972.


1972 Venus 8 photos from Venus, R. Leakey discovers 2.5 million-year-old human skull in Kenya, "Jesus Christ, Superstar," Film: "The Godfather," Nixon visits China, Arabs murder 11 Israeli Olympians in Munich, Ceylon becomes "Sri Lanka," Bangladesh established; song: "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" (Roberta Flack), 1st woman rabbi in US (Sally J. Priesand, in Cincinnati)


1973 Pioneer 10 photos from Jupiter, Skylab missions completed, Utzon builds Sydney Opera, "Wounded Knee" occupied by American Indians, SALT-1 Treaty signed (limiting nuclear war), Allende overthrown in Chile, Arab oil embargo, energy crisis in the West, Arab/Israeli Yom Kippur War, CAT scan invented; song: "Killing Me Softly With His Song" (Roberta Flack)


1974 Soviet space probe on Mars, Solzshenitsyn: "The Gulag Archipelago," Watergate scandal, Nixon resigns, IRA bombings in Ireland and England, Haile Selassie deposed (Ethiopia), Disabled Women's Coalition founded at UC Berkeley by Susan Sygall and Deborah Kaplan. Other women involved include Kitty Cone, Corbett O'Toole, and Susan Schapiro. The coalition ran support groups, held disabled women's retreats, wrote for feminist publications, and lectured on women and disability. National Association of the Deaf did census of Deaf Americans; counted 13.4 million hearing and 1.8 million deaf Americans.


1975 Apollo & Sojuz spacecraft link up in space, Personal computer introduced, 6000 life-size pottery figures found in China, Spain: Juan Carlos I succeeds Franco, King Faisal murdered in Saudi Arabia, Khmer Rouge troops terrorize Cambodia, US evacuates Vietnam, VHS invented


1976 US Viking probes land on Mars, Report: spray can gases damage ozone layer, Earthquakes: Italy, Bali, Turkey, China, Philippines (780,000 die worldwide), Worst drought in Europe, Alex Haley: "Roots," Mao Tse-tug succeeded by Hua Kuo-feng (China), N & S Vietnam united, riots in S. Africa, Civil War in Angola. n his election campaign, candidate Jimmy Carter promised that his administration would sign regulations that had received extensive input from affected agencies and the disability community nationwide, and which had taken years to finalize. Federal Communications Commission authorized reserving Line 21 on television sets for closed captions.


1977 First shuttle flight (Enterprise, US), Film: "Star Wars," Pres. Carter signs pardon for draft evaders, Sadat: 1st Arab leader to visit Israel. (01-Jan-1977) When Carter's administration took office, the Health, Education, and Welfare Department immediately began revising and watering down the regulations, with no input from the disability community. (05-Apr-1977) A group of disabled people takes over the San Francisco offices of the Health, Education, and Welfare Department to protest Secretary Joseph Califano's refusal to sign meaningful regulations for Section 504. No one expected to live there for almost a month, but they did. The action became the longest sit-in of a federal building to date. The historic demonstrations were successful and the 504 regulations were finally signed. (04-May-1977) The Section 504 regulations were issued.

1978 First "Test-tube baby" born (England), Karol Wojtyla becomes 1st non-Italian pope in 456 years, Pres. Carter hosts Arab/Israeli summit talks at Camp David, Sandanista guerrilla war (Nicaragua), 11-18-78 Jonestown mass suicide


1979 Voyager 1 discovers ring around Jupiter, "Three Mile Island" US nuclear accident, Margaret Thatcher: 1st woman Prime Minister of Britain, SALT-2 arms limitation treaty signed, Shah of Iran ousted by Ayatollah Khomeini, Soviet army invades Afghanistan, CD player invented


1980 Voyager 1 photos of Saturn, Mount St. Helens volcano erupts, WHO announces worldwide eradication of smallpox, Film: "The Empire Strikes Back," Commando's hostage rescue in Teheran fails, Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) independence, Gulf War begins (-1988) Sears, Roebuck and Co. began selling decoders for closed captioning for television. National Disabled Women's Educational Equity Project based at DREDF is established and run by Corbett O'Toole. They did the first national survey on disability and gender, wrote No More Stares, and conducted regional training programs for younger disabled women in Pocatello, Eugene and Minneapolis. National Disabled Women's Educational Equity Project puts on the first national Conference on Disabled Women's Educational Equity in Bethesda, MD. Harilyn Rousso sets up the Networking Project on Disabled Women and Girls at the YWCA in New York City. She produces a book and film titled, "Loud, Proud and Female."


1981 PC by IBM, AIDS identified, Air traffic controllers' strike


1982 Venera 13 color photos from Venus, Film: "Gandhi" and "ET," Martial law ends in Poland & Walesa released, Falkland War (Britain & Argentina), Princess Grace died 9-14


1983 First flight of shuttle "Challenger," Compact disc launched, Drought in Ethiopia, Reagan: Star Wars Initiative, US backs Contra rebels in Nicaragua, Benigno Aquino killed in Philippines, Shiite Moslems bomb US Embassy in Beirut, US troops invade Grenada, Violence between Tamils & Sinhalese in Sri Lanka. (October) National ADAPT action for accessible transportation in Denver, CO at the American Public Transit Association (APTA) Convention.

1984 Macintosh computer with mouse, US & French teams discover AIDS virus, Toxic gas leak in Bhopal, India, Film: "Amadeus," 250,000 Jews secretly airlifted from Sudan to Israel, Indian army occupies Sikh "Golden Temple," Indira Gandhi assassinated

1985 Hole in ozone layer over Antarctica discovered, Mexico City earthquake- 7000 killed, Cruise liner "Achille Lauro" hijacked by Palestinians, French sink Greenpeace ship in NZ, Gorbachev unilaterally halts missile deployment in Europe


1986 Voyager 2 flies by Uranus, discovers 10 moons, Chernobyl nuclear reactor disaster - fall out all over Europe, Space shuttle "Challenger" explodes, killing all 7 crew, PM Olof Palme shot dead in Sweden, "Irangate scandal of breach of arms embargo to Iran, US bombs Lybia, Marcos flees Philippines & Corazon Aquino becomes President


1987 Hans Kung: "Christianity and World Religions," Gorbachev launches "glasnost" and "perestroika"


1988 Internet virus jams over 6000 military computers, Transatlantic optical fiber telephone cable, Earthquake in Armenia kills 80,000, Salman Rushdie: "Satanic Verses," Pan Am 747 bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland, "Intifada" resistance begins in occupied West Bank, Ethiopia & Somalia sign peace treaty


1989 Berlin Wall is demolished, Czech "Velvet Revolution": Havel becomes President, Romania: Ceausescu overthrown & executed, thousands of students killed in Tiananmen Square in Peking, US invades Panama & installs new government; song: "Wind Beneath My Wings" (Bette Midler)


1990 Nobel Peace Prize to Gorbachev, Helmut Kohl elected Chancellor of reunited Germany, Nelson Mandela freed, Iraq invades Kuwait & UN imposes sanctions


1991 Bay of Bengal cyclone kills 135,000 in Bangladesh, 500-year-old mummified body found in Austrian Alps, Leningrad changes name to St. Petersburg, Gorbachev resigns as last president of USSR, Abolition of S. Africa's apartheid laws, Operation Desert Storm


1992 First mission of space shuttle Endeavor, Earth Summit in Rio, 27,000 year-old paintings found in cave near Marseilles, Rodney King riots in LA, NAFTA Trade Pact (US, Canada, Mexico), UN troops protect food supplies in Somalia


1993 Film: "Schindler's List," European Market begins, Slovakia separates from Czechoslovakia, World Trade Center bombing, Waco 51-day siege


1994 LA earthquake, IRA ceasefire, US troops seize Haiti, Arafat returns from exile to Gaza, Nelson Mandela President/S. Africa, Genocide in Rwanda


1995 Oklahoma City bombing, Israeli PM Rabin assassinated in Jerusalem, Hutus massacred in Rwanda


1996 US troops to Bosnia


1997 Princess Diana (england) died 8-31; Mother Teresa (Calcutta) died 9-5


1998 Lambeth, October 17 Elizabeth O'Connor died


1999 April 20 Columbine HS (Littleton, Co) shooting; Ethnic cleansing in Kosovo; Air Force Colonel Eileen Collins first woman to be Commander of US Space Shuttle mission 7-23.

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