All events will take place at the Unitarian-Universalist Society East,
153 West Vernon Street, Manchester, CT  06040 [unless otherwise noted]
Planning meetings, seasonal rituals and activities begin at 3PM 
Saturdays  with potluck afterwards, unless specified otherwise.
This page is current as of 16 October 2010.
17 July
Open pagan library and Lughnasadh ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

Lughnasadh Ritual.
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]


14 August
Salem Trip. This was fun.  We'll probably do it again next year.

11 September
Open pagan library and Mabon ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

25 September *2PM*
Mabon Ritual.
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]
16 October
Open pagan library and Samhain ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

30 October
Samhain Ritual.
Downstairs Chapel & Kitchen.

13 November
This will be a movie or other social event, unless someone has a better idea
[Out-of-building; TBD].

4 December
Open pagan library and Yule ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

18 December
Yule Ritual.
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]

  22 January
Open pagan library and Imbolc ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

6 February
Imbolc ritual.
[**NEW DATE AND TIME** Rm. 2 downstairs]

19 February
This will be a movie or other social event, unless someone has a better idea [TBD].
[Rm. 2 Downstairs]
12 March
Open pagan library, Ostara ritual planning
 [Rm. 2 downstairs]

20 March [**Sunday, 3PM**]
Ostara ritual
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]

16 April
Open pagan library and Beltane ritual planning.
[Rm. 2 downstairs]
30 April
Beltane ritual
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]
14 May
The spring picnic [Jim & Sarah's fourth anniversary party; Robin's birthday party].
[out of building] 

4 June
Open pagan library and Litha ritual planning [Annual business meeting].
[Rm. 2 downstairs]

19 June
Litha ritual.
[Sanctuary & Meeting Room]

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