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UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!  listing of every PEZ website I could find on the internet.  You will spend days trying to view them all


I hope everyone likes my new website.  This new format started as a web page just for myself so that I could find my favorite PEZ sites easily.  I then decided that most PEZ collectors would probably like an easy to follow index of sites like this than my original website. For that reason I did some polishing of this one, adding a search engine, graphics, and and links to some of my old pages to bring you what you see. I will be continuously adding good links to this website so if you would like to be added to this website, or know of a good website I am missing please e-mail me at  This site was last updated on Jan. 25 2005.

Are you looking for something that was on the old ThePEZFan website?  The links below will either take you to the old stuff, or to its replacement page. (replacement pages are marked with *) Just remember one thing, the original old pages (not marked *)  are no longer being updated by me.

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