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Website by Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve
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     Technology becomes old and discarded for better technology.  Websites I started in early 2001 have been discontinued.  This site is my attempt to save those items from my early websites that I do not want to lose, even though the sites themselves have now disappeared.  I have also included, as of October 5, 2013, two NEW poems not previously in any website.  (The first two links in the left hand column are to those two new poems.)
      I began making websites on March 15, 2001. All of my many sites have been made through either Page Builder by MSN TV (WebTV) or Trellix by EarthLink. "Harmony of Life With Harmonic Eve" was my very first website. Even though you may find references to my name, my poetry, or my lyrics in sites made by other people if you look for "Harmonic Eve" in a search engine, EACH of my OWN sites will contain in its URL either "" or "" (Sometimes the "-2" may be omitted.) Note that the usual "WWW" portion of a URL is NOT part of the URL for any of my own sites.  All of the sites with a URL starting "community" have now been removed from the Internet, not by me, but by MSN TV, the owner of the technology. You may find previously printed copies from those sites or broken links attempting to go to those now non-existent sites.  I tell you this so you can know they still may be referring to my own sites, with my own poems or photos, as they formerly were on the Internet. 
      (Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve)

     I married at age 18 and had my first child, a boy, when I was 20.  I was 22 when my second child, a girl, was born.   These two were my only children.  I feel the need to save this photo as a precious memory of their childhood.  While they were growing up, I was sometimes attending college classes, working toward graduation with a teaching credential.  Sometimes I was writing music.  I graduated, but I never received my expected teaching credential, because I was not able to fit in the practice teaching class necessary.  Some of the music I was writing can be seen through links toward the end of the left hand column.  More comments about my children can be seen in other pages and websites. 
      The link below is to a page where you can find links to many of my other websites.  Notice the "8" after "harmoniceve" instead of the "6" or "7" as in the links below this one.  Be sure to use the correct number when switching from one site to another if you copy any of the links by hand.
     The next links below are to other musical treasures, besides the one you can reach by clicking on "Manuscript" in the column at the left or other links farther down in that column.  Although lyrics are included, you are more likely to enjoy these if you can read music.
Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve at the piano.
Eve's daughter Susan braided her Mom's long hair.
     A few years ago, before my red hair started turning white, my daughter Susan made one of her many visits to California.  She had the urge to braid a portion of my long red hair.  The most convenient place for me to sit for the braiding was on my piano bench with my back to Susan.  I had not expected my picture to be taken, but I was happy with the result.  If I knew how to braid this way myself, and if I had not cut my hair to a more "respectable" length for my age, and if I still had that much red left, I would be wearing this style every day.  Too many conditions, so I'll just save this photo from my website that's being discontinued.
  (Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve, August 4, 2013)

Dear Friends -- all my friends,
worldwide, past, present, and future:
May you see the rainbow with the rainstorm.
May you be far from any thunderbolts.
May lightning streaks bring only clarity of vision.
Silent LOVE surrounds you.
Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve
July 7, 2006

Website by Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve