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     This "Leisurely Scroll" site, made through username harmoniceve6, was the first site made with that username, so following EarthLink's practices, it does not include the site title in the URL.
     Below are links to other sites made through the same username, harmoniceve6.
     The link directly above is to a site created as a result of my trying to save items from the sites which I began writing in March of 2001.  ALL of those sites made through "WebTV"  have now been discontinued.
     Note that emails sent to harmoniceve6 or to harmoniceve7 will never be received, even if you figure out the rest of either email address. (The main username is harmoniceve8.)
     For a list of individual links to most of my websites, click on the link at the top of this page. (Click anywhere on the top line that says, "Most of my other websites are linked here.") If instead, you stay in the site you are in now, you will find in this one site poems and lyrics (and some words of wisdom in poetic form) written by me, Eve Adam.   I am not including here my optional lyrics to my piano suite "Afterglow" or the song "Crying for the Moon Man." For those lyrics see the sheet music sites or "Harmony of Life With Harmonic Eve."
     I am Eve Adam, also known as Harmonic Eve. 
Each of my own sites contains in the URL either "community-2.webtv.net" or                                                          "home.earthlink.net."
     If you do not see either of these included in the URL, you do not have my own site, but perhaps someone else's reference to an item of mine.  You may have older copies of a WebTV site, but as of October first, 2013, all sites made through WebTV (owned by MSN.TV) have now been permanently deleted.  That was not my choice.  I rushed to save the items I wanted to keep, and I transferred much of the information from my WebTV sites to my EarthLink sites.
     Individual items will appear more than once in this "Leisurely Scroll" site if they were previously presented in more than one individual site, where photos, graphics, and/or comments are included also.  Feel free to select individual poems, lyrics, or "words of wisdom" to "copy and paste" them into email. You may add photos or graphics to your email, using the family- friendly guidelines of good taste.
       Please do show
"Eve Adam, a.k.a. Harmonic Eve"
with each item at both the beginning and the end of each copy you make.  (If "Phyllis Weiler" or "Phyllis Eve Weiler" is showing here with lyrics, then do include it also.)  On each page which you reach through the links at the left, you will find a URL to the site which includes graphics, photos, and/or comments in addition to the poems of that page.  Instead of copying from this "Leisurely Scroll" site, if you prefer, you may copy the poems from their original sites.
       All my own websites are non-commercial and family-friendly.  However, some of the romantic love poems are suitable for only teenagers and adults rather than small children.
Guidelines:  It is O.K. to include links to any of my sites in your website or blog.  Feel free to quote my writing without the necessity of contacting me. Enjoy my poems and my music.  Make copies as you wish, being sure to include my name as author.  I believe you can understand the reasons that you must not claim to have written them or otherwise claim ownership of them, and that I do not want you to change the wording or charge money for the copies.  May you go through life with LOVE always in your heart.
Eve Adam, also known as Harmonic Eve
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