Happy Rat Studio

happy rat studio
1204 Woodrock
Round Rock, TX 78681
(512) 255-4076
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Happy Rat Studio

Thank you for visiting, and welcome to Happy Rat Studio, where highly trained rodents produce a variety of beautifully pawcrafted ceramics.

If you are a dog or cat lover, you will love our unique salt and pepper shakers. Or, how about a leash hound to hold Fido's leash?

We also have some interesting items for the kitchen or to dress up your coffee table.

To make your next decorating project really unique, contact us about handpainted, custom glazed ceramic tiles.

If you are a Figure Skater, you will love our handpressed ceramic tiles, more tiles, pins, and T-shirts (well these aren't ceramic, but they are cute!).

When you are ready to order, print out this form, fill it in, and mail it to us! If you would just like more information, please use this information request form.

Thanks again for your interest in our products!