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Muslim Women's Help Network
a subdivision of United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness/Helping Hands


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The Muslim Women's Help Network recognizes a need to coordinate efforts to assist the needs of those who need help. There is a role for every Believer to assist in the development of the Islamic community, thereby improving and strengthening it for the benefit of ummah, and to do that which is Most Pleasing to Allah (swt).

MWHN is a sub-division of the United Muslim Movement Against Homelessness (UMMAH), which operates under the parent organization, Helping Hands, the new name for ICNA Relief.

Membership is open to all segments of the community, male and female. Insha'Allah, your participation in MWHN will help to make a difference!

If you prefer to complete and submit your membership form via U.S. mail, please follow this link.

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Muslim Women's Help Network Membership Form

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"You will recognize the Believers in their Mercy for one another, and in their Love for one another, and in their Kindness towards one another; like the body, when one member of it hurts, the entire body hurts."

Saying of Prophet Muhammad (saws)


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If you reside in the NYC area, can you provide temporary housing (1-3 days) for a sister or family during a trial of hardship? (if yes, please state the kind of accommodations you have available, for example, a spare bedroom, lodging in a basement, and the number of persons that you can shelter at any one time):


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The organization will benefit greatly from the regular financial support of those who are capable to provide such. If you can assist in this manner, please indicate the amount of the Regular Pledge/monthly support you can provide to MWHN. All pledged donations will be utilized as sadaqa to support organizational objectives that directly reach those in need, and will not go towards MWHN administrative costs. Please, check the box and enter amount:
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Please forward your donation to:
Muslim Women's Help Network
166-26 89th Avenue
Jamaica, NY 11432


We welcome your suggestions for MWHN services and other comments:


All Muslim Women's Help Network Members will be immediately acknowledged and recognized by MWHN. We look forward to your support, participation and contributions. Jazakum Allahu Khayrun!

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