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Neighborly Needs

The following items were retrieved from general postings to a variety of listservers to the community of believers on the internet. They are listed here as an attempt to provide additional exposure for help and/or support. Please contact the individual listed for further information regarding any of the circumstances presented below: 

Employment or Financial Opportunity

There's a sister who's living in the area along with her 3 daughters who is in need of help. She had been babysitting for the last couple of years but has recently been out of work. She's looking for a job so that she can support her daughters and herself..she's also willing to invest some money if need be in a partnership of some sort.. not a large amount, but still. So if you have any information in regards to a deli or a candy store or actually any type of place where she can work and/or invest in the area, please contact Br. Abdullah at (718) 507 - 0865.

Sister Needs O+ Blood

Dear Muslim Sisters and Brothers:

May Allah reward you for your concern about Nidha Mubdhi, the nineteen years old Muslim sister undergoing leukemia treatment. I just spoke to her father and he told me that Nidha is in Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital (1250 1st Avenue between 67&68 Street- Manhattan, New York), not Lenox Hill Hospital. Please inform your family and friends that the correct number to call for blood & bone marow screenings for donations for Nidha Mubdhi is (212) 639-7643.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said "the ummah is one body when one part of it aches, the whole body hurts (Bukhari) ." If you cannot donate blood, then please remember Nidha in your prayers.

May Allah reward you for your kindness.

School Aid

As salamu alaikum,

There is a muslim sister in need of sadaqa. Her parent recently passed away and she has no other relatives who are able to assist her. She is a senior in college and In light of the death of her parent, she is unable to pay for her housing and all of her other daily needs. She was supposed to obtain her degree this May enabling her to obtain a job and be economically independent. If she doesn't pay for her housing she will be dismissed from school and left without a place to live. In addition she will not beable to graduate and thereby obtain a job. Time is of the essence because she has approximately 12 days to raise the necessary funds. Every penny counts.

Please contact Imran Chowdhury at if you can help.

May Allah reward you manifold and increase in your provision, Ameen

Financial Assistance

As Salaamu Alaikum

I am in dire need of financial assistance and ask if you could pass my message along I would appreciate it. I am a single mother of 1 and have not been able to pay my bills due to series of unfortunate circumstances with my business. I have been burglarized 3 times in the last 6 months and did not have insurance because i was already in a bad financial way. Business has just not been good and to boot sales is a very long cycle taking upwards of 3 months and often longer. I have been to the state services dept. to see if I could get help there and they tell me my son is too old for them to help among other various reasons, he should be below the age of 13 for them to help me ... he's 14. I have asked for help from the masjid on Lancaster Ave. (Phila.) and al hamdulilah I did receive some monetary relief but not enough to put a nice dent in what is owed to keep my utilities on and rent paid. My biggest concerns are my rent of course and utilities which run me approximately 800 a month combined, which of course doesn't include food or bus fare for my son to get to school or gas for my car.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated even a kind word or advice ... you should also know that I have been looking within my community to sponsored programs for other possibilities ... I should be hearing from someone soon if that can be arranged. In the meantime please make dua for my son and I ... Shukran for taking the time to read this ...I remain your sister in Islam. As Salaamu Alaikum

Sajeedah Ammatullah

PS> If you should have any questions concerning this please contact me at this email address ...

In Need of Child Care

Muslimah desperately seeking daytime child care for 1 and four year old  daughters in vicinity of 96th street mosque. Please contact via voicemail at (212) 875-3595 or email

Professional Help

As salamu alaikum,

There is a sister in need of the services of a Psychiatrist..I do not know much about the sisters situation..should anyone know of a Muslim Psychiatrist (preferably a practicing Muslim), please contact Sister Niko at the following number...let her know you are responding to the request posted by Brother Hasan insha'allah... Phone: 516 674 0337

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