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Books & Tapes by Mustafa El-Amin

About the Author: Mustafa El-Amin...
Noted author, lecturer, teacher and businessman, Mustafa El-Amin is a recognized expert in the field of Freemasonry. Having devoted much of his life to work, study and research, he has given many lectures on a wide range of subjects. His works have led to positive dialogue between Muslims and Freemasons. His book, "The Religion of Islam and the Nation of Islam, What Is The Differencee," is a book that clears up many misconceptions abou the religion of Islam. The latest book, "Afrocentricity, Malcolm X, and Al-Islam," presents valuable information about two ideologies that have had a great impact on African-Americans.

ITEM NO.                             TITLE                               PRICE
   E011     Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry $ 7.95

   E021     Freemasonry, Ancient Egypt, & The Islamic Destiny $ 7.95

   E023     Abraham's Legacy: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Reality $ 5.00

   E037     African-American Freemasons: Why They Should Accept Islam
                    $ 5.95

   G032     Religion of Islam or Nation of Islam: What Is The Difference? $ 5.95

   G036     Afrocentricity, Al-Islam and Malcolm X $ 8.00


    B012    Muslim-Masonic Dialogue

    B013    Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry

    B014    Masonic Symbolism

    B015    Christian, Masonic, Egyptian Connection


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