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Book List

Category: New Mind Publications
Author: Dr. Na'im Akbar
E004     From Miseducation To Education  $ 3.95
E005     Chains & Images of Psychological Slavery   6.95
E006     The Community of Self   8.00
H040     Visions For Black Men   10.00
H043     Light From Ancient Africa   10.00
H044     Natural Psychology & Human Transformation   10.00
             Breaking The Chains of Psychological Slavery    10.00

Author: Mustafa El-Amin
E011     Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry    7.95
E021     Freemasonry, Ancient Egypt, & The Islamic Destiny    7.95
E023     Abraham's Legacy: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Reality    5.00
E037     African-American Freemasons: Why They Should Accept Islam    5.95
G032    Religion of Islam or Nation of Islam: What Is The Difference?    5.95
G036    Afrocentricity, Al-Islam and Malcolm X    8.00

Author: Imam W. Deen Mohammed
G033    Al-Islam, Unity & Leadership   7.95

G038    Islam's Climate For Business    7.95
E008    Challenges That Face Man Today   5.95

Author: M. Armiya Nu'Man
E001    Evolution of Religion Through The Prophets    3.95
E002    Muslim Names & Their Meanings    3.95
E003    New World Leadership    5.95
E012    What Every American Should Know About Islam & The Muslims    5.95
E028    A,B,C's For Successful Living    3.95
E040    Introduction to Arabic Studies     3.95
E041    How to Make Salaat     3.95
E042    What Muslims Believe: The Articles of Faith    3.95
E043    Introduction To Qur'anic Studies     3.95
E046    Comparative Religion: A Concise Study     7.95
E048    The Christ Movement: Mystery of Christ Revealed    8.95
E050    The Spirit of Malcolm X    3.95
E055    Who Is God? Who Is Allah?   3.95
E057    Who Are The Real Kaafirs?   3.95
E063    Muslims Be Not Divided Among Yourselves     3.95
E064    The Water of Revelation      3.95
F012    Natural Man     5.95

Author: Sultana Ali
E009    Virgins By Choice   $ 2.95
E027    Marriage By Choice     3.95
E039    Commitment To Faith & Leadership    3.95

Author: Imam Abdul Alim Bashir
E017    A Serious Creation    $ 3.95
E044    Passport To A Happy Marriage    7.95

Author: Imam Alauddin Shabazz
E022    Polygamy: A Remedy Or A Right!   $ 5.95
E032    Symbolism, Holidays, Myths & Signs    7.95
E049    Truth Or Consequences     9.95

Author: Jamal R. Rasheed
E036    The Mentality & Morality of American History   $ 8.95
E051    Kidnapped, Lost & Found    7.95
E052    Subversion Through Miseducation    8.95
E056    Universal Happiness     8.95

Author: Imam Sidney Sharif
E010    The African-American Image In Crisis    6.95
Author: Walyyuddin Sabir
E026    Reconstruction of the African-American Male     5.95
Author: Qadriyyah Shakir
E030    My Qur'anic Reader & Workstudy Book    10.00
Author: Abdul H. Matin
E034    A Love Song     5.00
Author: Benjamin Foster
E038    Looking For Payoffs: A New Schooling For Youth    10.95
Author: Hesham Jabbar
E045    The Final Chapter: I Buried Malcolm    9.95
Author: Faheem Shuaibe
E047    Peculiar Needs of African-American Muslims     5.00
Author: Abdul Malik R. Ali
E053    Guide For The New & Non-Muslim     3.95
Author: Earnest Bradshaw
E054    From Slavery To Prison     3.95
           How To Make Money, Establish Good Credit and Start A Business $ 10.00
           How To Write Almost Anything and Get Paid For It  10.00
           How To Make Money Without Leaving Your House   10.00
           Unlimited Business Opportunities    5.00
           Home-Based Business For Fun and Profit   10.00
Category: Islamic Books
G001    Holy Qur'an - Yusef Ali      $ 20.00
G002    Hadith - Sahih Bukhari (9 Volumes)    150.00
G003    Hadith - Sahih Muslim (4 Volumes)    50.00
G004    Holy Qur'an - Muhammad Ali     20.00
G005    Islam In Focus - Hammudah Abdalati    8.00
G006    Life of Muhammad - Muhammad Haykal    15.00
G007    Gospel of Barnabas     10.00
G008    Arabic-English Dictionary - Hans Wehr    20.00
G009    Qur'an Reader    8.00
G010    Forty Hadith     4.95
G014    The Religion of Islam - Maulana Muhammad Ali    20.00
G015    The Fundamentals of Tawheed - Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips    12.00
G016    The Jinn - Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips    9.00
G017    Salvation Through Repentance - Abu Ameenah Bilal Phillips    7.95
G018    The Story Of The Moors In Spain - Stanley Lane Poole     14.95
G019    Women In Islam - Siddiqi     8.95
G020    Islam Beliefs and Teachings - Ghulam Sarwar    8.00
G021    Human Development - Dr. Muhammad Ali Albar     6.00
G022    Shariah: The Islamic Law - Abdur Rahman I. Doi    18.95
G029    Basic Keys To Learning Arabic - Qasim Ahmed     25.00
G031    Purification Of The Soul - Ahmed Farid    10.00
G034    The Qur'anic Arabic Language: The Vehicle for Progressive & Productive            
                   Thinking - Imam Qasim Ahmed      3.00            
G035    Jinn In Qur'an and Sunnah - Mustafa Ashour     8.00

Category: Children's Books

F001    Allah's Beautiful Creation (ABC's in Nature) - D. Salaam & G. Muhammad   $ 5.00
F002    ABC's In Al-Qur'an - Ummil-Khair Sharif     5.00
F007    Captain Africa - Dwayne Ferguson    5.00
F008    The Lion And The Warrior - Yusuf Abdus-Saboor    5.00
F009    Harry's Hair - Yusef Salaam      5.00
F010    Captain Africa (Comic Book) - Dwayne Ferguson     2.50
F011    Three Turtle Stories - Dr. Clement London     9.95
F012    Natural Man - M. Armiya Nu'Man      7.95

Category: Other Books of Interest

H011    Black Economics - Jawanza Kunjufu  $ 10.95           
H012    Stolen Legacy - George M. James     13.95             
H014    What They Never Told Me In History Class   4.95              
H015    Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys, Vol. 1 - Jawanza Kunjufu    4.95
H009    Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys, Vol. 2 - Jawanza Kunjufu   4.95
H010    Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys, Vol. 3 - Jawanza Kunjufu    6.95
H010a  Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys, Vol. 4 - Jawanza Kunjufu   6.95              
H016    Lessons From History (Junior Edition) - Jawanza Kunjufu   7.95
H008    Lessons From History (Elementary Edition) - Jawanza Kunjufu    6.95
H017    To Be Popular Or Smart: The Black Peer Group - Jawanza Kunjufu    7.95
H018    A Talk With Jawanza - Jawanza Kunjufu    7.95
H019    They Stole It, You Must Return It - Dr.Richard Williams    8.95
H020    Black Men: Dangerous, Single, Obsolete?  - Haki R. Madhubuti    14.95
H021    The Psychopathic Racial Personality - Bobby Wright    5.95              
H024    Autobiography of Malcolm X - Alex Haley   5.95                        
H026    Destruction of Black Civilization - Chancellor Williams   16.95               
H027    Miseducation of The Negro - Carter G. Woodson    9.95                
H028    The Isis Papers - Dr. Frances C. Welsing   14.95                
H031    Why Our Children Are Killing Themselves  - Mauri Saalakhan   10.00                
H033    African-American Holisitic Health - Laila Afrika   14.95                
H034    The Endangered Black Family - Nathan & Julie Hare  10.50                
H035    The Ice Man Inheritance - Michael Bradley   15.95              
H036    Motivating & Preparing Black Youth For Work - Jawanza Kunjufu   6.95                
H037    Developing Positive Images  & Discipline In Children - Jawanza Kunjufu   7.95
H038    Malcolm X On African-American History   7.95                
H039    The Believer and Science - Pender Madyun   5.50                           
H042    A Black Parent's Handbook To Educate Yor Children - Baruti Kafele   5.95                

Category:  Other Books  (Subject To Availability)

S001    The Noble Qur'an    $ 25.00
S002    The Holy Qur'an - Allamah Nooriddin (English Translation by Sister)    20.00
S003    The Muwatta - Imam Malik   15.00
S004    Prophet Muhammad's Life and His Sermons - Muhammad Haque   12.00
S005    Forty Hadith Qudsi - Imam Nawawi   5.95
S006    Islamic Studies - A. Bilal Phillips   10.00
S007    Evolution of Fiqh - A. Bilal Phillips   7.00
S009    The Bible, Qur'an and Science - Maurice Bucaille   10.95
S013    A Handbook of Halaal & Haraam - Zaheer Uddin   7.95
S014    Women in Shariah - Abdur Rahman Doi   15.00
S015    The Qur'an, You and The Movement of Life - Abdul K. Shamsid-Deen  6.95
S017    Everyday Fiqh (2 Vols.) - M.Y. Islahi   15.00
S018    Learn The Language of the Qur'an - Abdullah Nadwi   17.50
S019    Vocabulary of the Holy Qur'an - Abdullah Nadwi   27.50
S020    An Easy Way To Understand The Qur'an (2 Vols.) - Dr. H. Ahmed    12.00
S021    Way To The Qur'an - Khurram Murad   10.00
S022    Ulum Al Qur'an - Ahmad Von Denffer   10.00
S023    The Benefactor - Fakir S. Waheed ud-Din   6.95
S024    Morals and Manners In Islam - Marwan Ibrahim Al-Kaysi   11.00
S025    The Lawful & The Prohibited in Islam - Yusuf Al-Qaradawi   13.95
S026    Revolution By The Book - Jamil El-Amin   12.00
S027    The Golden Book of Islamic Lists - Dr. Ahmad Sakr   7.00
S028    Life, Death and the Life After - Dr. Ahmad Sakr   7.00
S029    A Muslim Guide To Food Ingredients - Dr. Ahmed Sakr   10.00
S030    Signs In The Heavens: A Muslim Astronomer's Perspective on Religion and Science
            - Imad-ad-Deen Ahmad   12.00
S031    Muhammad In The Bible - Abdul-Ahad Dawud   10.00
S034    100 Amazing Facts About The Negro - J.A. Rogers   4.95
S035    The Healing Source - S. Bactuu Wilson   14.95
S036    Golden Age of The Moors - Ivan Van Sertima   20.00
S037    African Presence In Early America - Ivan Van Sertima  20.00
S039    Blacks In Science: Ancient and Modern - Ivan Van Sertima   15.00
S040    The Browder File - Anthony Browder   9.95
S041    Nile Valley Contributions to Civilization - Anthony T. Browder   16.95
S043    Behold A Pale Horse - William Cooper   25.00
S044    The Unseen Hand - A. Ralph Epperson   13.95
S045    The New World Order - A. Ralph Epperson   14.95
S046    The Wretched of the Earth - Frantz Fanon   10.95
S047    Black Skin, White Masks - Frantz Fanon   9.95
S049    The Falsification of African Consciousness - Amos Wilson   9.95
S050    Black Man's Guide To Understanding Women - Shaharazad Ali   10.00
S051    Black Women's Guide To Understanding Men - Shararazad Ali   10.00
S052    Safe Sex In The Age of Aids - Curtis Cost   4.95
S053    Chemical Laden Virus-Infected Livestock, Poultry & Dairy Products : Cause for
            Islamic Concern - Rasheeda Abdul Hakeem    5.00
S055    Six Black Presidents Black Blood: White Masks - Dr. Auset BaKhufu   12.95
S056    Reason Why Rodney King Verdict Caused African-Amercians To React
            - A. Farahkhan   4.95
S057    Message To A Black Man - Hon. Elijah Muhammad   11.00
S058    How To Eat To Live, Vol. 1 - Hon. Elijah Muhammad   8.95
S059    How To Eat To Live, Vol. 2 - Hon. Elijah Muhammad   7.95
Category: Audio Tapes
Lecturer: M. Armiya Nu'Man
A001    The Mystery Of Jesus   $ 5.00
A002    Leadership In Al-Islam    5.00
A003    Trials For The Believers    5.00
A004    The Expansion    5.00
A005    Family Relationships   5.00
A006    Freeman of the City   5.00
A007    Reverence the Womb   5.00
A008    A,B,C's For Successful Living   5.00
A009    The Wisdom of the Qur'an   5.00
A010    Life of Prophet Muhammad   5.00
A011    What Is Faith?    5.00
A012    Adam, The Khalifah   5.00
A013    The Help of Allah   5.00
A014    Qur'anic Studies: Teachings on Al-Fatiha   5.00
A015    Qur'anic Studies: The Making of Adam (2 Tapes)   9.00
A016    Qur'anic Studies: The Children of Isreal (2 Tapes)   9.00
A017    Muslim Behavior    5.00
A018    Allah, Most High, Gives the Guidance   5.00
A019    Our Duty to Our Children   5.00
A020    The Importance of Self-Knowledge   5.00
A021    African-Muslim Identity   5.00
A022    Celebrate the Praises of Allah   5.00
A023    The Word    5.00
A024    Allah Takes Us Out of Darkness Into the Light   5.00
A025    Allah Is The Originator of Creation   5.00
A026    Allah Judges Us By Our Intentions   5.00
A027    Man Is Not God    5.00
A028    Dawah In America   5.00
A029    New World Leadership   5.00
A030    Health In Al-Islam   5.00
A031    Hold On To The Rope of Allah   5.00
A032    The Goal Is To Allah   5.00
A033    We Need Unity    5.00
A034    He Takes Us Out of Darkness Into The Light   5.00
A035    Allah Gave Us A Collective Mind   5.00
A036    The Dajjal & The Return of Christ   5.00
A037    Different Sects in Al-Islam   5.00
A038    Study, Reflect on Allah's Creation   5.00
A039    Muslims: Be Not Divided Among Yourselves   5.00
A040    The Water of Revelation   5.00
A041    What Is A Muslim; What Is A Believer   5.00
A042    Friendship In Al-Islam   5.00
A043    Allah Controls The Winds   5.00
A044    Angels In Al-Islam   5.00
A045    The Truth About Conspiracies (2 Tapes)   9.00
A046    Conspiracies in Al-Islam   5.00
A047    Who Makes The Human Being?   5.00
A048    We Need Constructive Thinking   5.00
A049    What Is The Mind With You?   5.00
Lecturer: Ahmed Deedat
C001    Muhammad, The Natural Successor To Christ (2 Tapes)   $ 9.00  
C002    The Trinity (2 Tapes)   9.00
C003    The Bilalian (Black) Muslims (2 Tapes)    9.00
C004    Comparative Religions    5.00
C005    Is the Bible The Word of God?    5.00
C006    What Is The Origin of Sin?    5.00
C007    Jesus: Man, Myth, or God? (2 Tapes)     9.00
C008    The Qur'an: The Ultimate Miracle (2 Tapes)    9.00
C009    What Is Atonement?   5.00
C010    Debate With Jimmy Swagert (2 Tapes)    9.00
C011    An Answer To Jimmy Swagert (2 Tapes)     9.00
C012    Debate With Rev. Robert Douglas (2 Tapes)   9.00
C013    What Is Islam?    5.00
C014    The Qur'an or Bible: Which Is God's Word    5.00
C015    What The Bible Says About Muhammad (2 Tapes)   5.00
C016    Jesus, Beloved Prophet of Islam (2 Tapes)    5.00
C017    Jesus Christ In Islam and Christianity (2 Tapes)    5.00
C018    Al Qur'an: A Miracle of Miracles (2 Tapes)    5.00
C019    Was Christ Crucified?    5.00
Lecturer: Malcolm X (Al-Hajj Malik Shabazz)
D001    Message To The Grass Roots    $ 5.00
D002    The Ballot or The Bullet   5.00
D003    The Black Man's History    5.00
D004    Malcolm X Speaks To The People of Harlem    5.00
D005    Malcolm X Talks To Young People    5.00
D006    Prospects For Freedom - 1965    5.00
D007    The Last Message    5.00
D008    Malcolm X Debate    5.00
Lecturer: Mustafa El-Amin
B012    Muslim-Masonic Dialogue    $ 5.00
B013    Al-Islam, Christianity & Freemasonry    5.00
B014    Masonic Symbolism    5.00
B015    Chrsitian, Masonic, Egyptian Connection    5.00
 (Satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed or money will be refunded!)
M001   How To Make Money With Your Personal Computer (2 Tapes) $ 29.95 + 4.00 S/H
M002   Publishing Prosperity! 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M003   Secrets of Wealth    $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M004   The Free Phenomenon    $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M005   How To Make Money With Your Answering Machine   $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M006   Super Achievement   $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M007   Publicity Power    $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M008   Fax Your Way To A Fortune    $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H
M009   How To Make Money With Your Boombox   $ 19.95 + 3.00 S/H

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Category: Islamic Studies(Audio Cassette/VHS Video Tapes)

B001    Beginners Arabic & How To Make Salat    $ 5.00 
B002    Learn 27 Hadith    5.00
B003    Learn The Last 14 Surahs of Qur'an   5.00
B004    The Last 36 Surahs of The Qur'an   5.00
B005    Forty Hadith   5.00
B006    Introduction To Al-Islam    5.00
B007    Islamic Music    5.00
B008    Survival For Muslims    5.00
B009    Holy Qur'an (Arabic & English) Individual Tapes   5.00
B010    Holy Qur'an (Complete 45 Tapes)   90.00
B011    Arabic Studies, Tape No. 1    5.00
V001    Masonic-Muslim Dialogue - Mustafa El-Amin     $ 25.00
V002    Al-Islam, Christianity, & Freemasonry  - M. El-Amin     25.00
V003    Masonic Symbolism - M. El-Amin     25.00
V004    Religion and Nation of Islam    25.00
V005    DEBATE: Ahmed Deedat vs. Jimmy Swagert    25.00
V006    An Answer To Jimmy Swagert    25.00
V007    DEBATE: Ahmed Deedat vs. Robert Douglas    25.00
V008    Malcolm X Documentary    25.00
V009    Muhammad, The Messenger of God    20.00
V010    Lion of The Desert    20.00
V013    The Qur'an and Science    20.00
V014    Christianity or Al-Islam: Which One For The Liberation of African-American People               - Imam M. Armiya Nu'man    25.00
Category: Arabic Resources
V015    Beginners Arabic Workshop Seminar (2 Video Tapes) - Imam Qasim Ahmed   $ 40.00
V017    Arabic Alphabat/Belief In Allah - Imam M. Armiya Nu'Man    20.00
V018    Arabic Vowels & Signs/Oneness of Allah - M. Armiya Nu'Man    20.00
V019    Arabic - Tanwins/Belief In The Angels    20.00
V020    Arabic - Personal Pronouns/Belief In The Prophets     20.00
V021    Arabic - Sun & Moon Letters/Belief In The Books     20.00
V022    Arabic - Attached Pronouns/Belief In The Hereafter     20.00
E040     Introduction To Arabic Studies - M. Armiya Nu'Man    $ 3.95
G008    Arabic-English Dictionary - Hans Wehr    18.00
G029    Basic Keys To Learning Arabic - Imam Qasim Ahmed    25.00
G034    The Qur'anic Arabic Language: The Vehicle For Progressive & Productive Thinking              - Imam Qasim Ahmed     3.95


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