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Landmarks of American Democracy (2004 - K-12 teachers)

Landmarks of American Democracy (2005 - CC faculty)

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Lesson Plans & Curricular Strategies
If you are a past participant in a Hamer Institute program and have a related lesson plan you would like to share, please contact the webmaster. Lesson plans are listed below in quotation marks; curricula are in italics.

1. Jeff Pollard: "The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Community Organizing Tradition" (PDF, 1.7 MB)

1. Bonnie Reddick: Reading and Composition (PDF, 71 kb)


1. Linda Janke: "What Do You Need for a Movement to Succeed?" (PDF, 55 kb)
2. J. Ben Woods III: "My Home, My Neighbors, Our Struggle: Time and Place, 1954-1969" (PDF, 65 kb)
3. F. Scott Fernandez: U.S. History, 1877-Present (PDF, 60 kb)
4. Sanford Jeames: African American History (PDF, 53 kb)
5. Joy E. Ingram: Survey of American History/African American Studies (PDF, 62 kb)
6. John Shorey: American History from 1945 to the Present (PDF, 69 kb)

1. Beverly Bethune: Interdisciplinary Studies (PDF, 47 kb)
2. C. Leon Pitt: Principles of Sociology/Cultural Diversity/Social Problems (PDF, 56 kb)
3. Terry Goddard: American Minorities (PDF, 66 kb)
4. Rhonda H. Simmons: Teacher Education (PDF, 67 kb)
5. Michael J. Lenaghan: Social Environment/Sophomore Thesis (PDF, 66 kb)

Political Science
1. Wanda Hill: "United States Government - Research Project" (PDF, 72 kb)
2. Michael Hoover: "Case Study: Federalism & Civil Rights" (PDF, 49 kb)
3. Lisa Toland: American Government/State & Local Government (PDF, 49 kb)


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