Funding Sources
Funding for Hamer Institute programs comes from a variety of sources, including grantmaking organizations, colleges and universities, corporations and small businesses, and individual donors who share the Insitute's mission. Providers of financial and in-kind support include:

• Mississippi Development Authority
• National Endowment for the Humanities
• Kellogg Foundation
• Romano Foundation
• Mississippi Humanities Council

Institutions of Higher Education:
• Jackson State University
• Rhodes College
• Millikin University
• Southwest Minnesota State University

Corporations & Small Businesses:
• Waggoner Engineering, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Begley Law Firm, PLLC (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Carroll, Warren & Parker, PLLC (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Severn Trent Environmental Services (Houston, Texas)
• Waste Management Service Center (Houston, Texas)
• Hemphill Construction Co., Inc. (Florence, Mississippi)
• Owens Moss, PLLC (Jackson, Mississippi)
• IMS Engineers (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Hathorn's Pest Control, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• CivilTech (Jackson, Mississippi)
• AJA Management & Technical Services, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Dale and Associates (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Southern Consultants, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Metro Waste Systems, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Southeastern Consulting Group, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Mid-State Construction (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Crown Engineering (Jackson, Mississippi)
• The Malachi Group, Inc. (Atlanta, Georgia)
• Garrett Construction, Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Mangia Bene Inc. (Jackson, Mississippi)

• Neel-Schaffer (Jackson, Mississippi)

Individual Donors:
• Josephus Brashears (Madison, Mississippi)
• Willie Brown, Jr. (Birmingham, Alabama)
• Mary Coleman (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Dave & Michelle Deardorff (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Dave Dennis (Jackson, Mississippi)
• John & Margrit Garner (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Tina Gross (St. Louis, Missouri)
• John Heyman (Amherst, Massachusetts)
• Peter Hiebert
• Sonja Johnson
• John Kirtland (Alexandria, Virginia)
• Jeff Kolnick (Marshall, Minnesota)
• Dana Larkin (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Jeanne Luckett (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Mrs. Robert C. Lunardini (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Thandekile Mvusi (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Leslie B. McLemore (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Franklin R. Parker (Washington, DC)
• C. Leon Pitt (Verona, Pennsylvania)
• Dorothy Triplett (Jackson, Mississippi)
• John & Meryl Waits (Cabin John, Maryland)
• Hollis Watkins (Jackson, Mississippi)
• Mr. & Mrs. Jesse & Jacqueline Wilson


The Hamer Institute
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The Fannie Lou Hamer National Institute
on Citizenship and Democracy
Jackson State University, Box 17081
1400 J.R. Lynch Street
Jackson, MS 39217