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You may order books with the order form below (safe - no credit card over the internet, we will confirm your order by email) or you may mail an order with payment by check or money order to:

Halstead & Meadows Publishing
P. O. Box 317211
Dayton, Ohio 45437-7211

Telephone orders: (937) 426-5699

If you fill out the order form below, we will contact you by email (no money or credit cards over the internet) to arrange payment for the total amount of your order including shipping. Your order will then be promptly shipped to the location of your choice (great for gifts).

Shipping charges for small orders shipped to the same address are as follows:
1 book $4.00, 2-3 books $5.00, 4-5 books $6.00, 6-7 books $7.00

First Name: Last Name: Email: Day Telephone: Night Telephone: Street Address: City: State: Zip Code: Country:
Book                                          Quantity      Price

Remember Me                                            Not Available

Elizabeth Roseberry Mitchell's Graveyard Quilt         $18.95

Pieced from Ellen's Quilt                              $13.95

Chocolate Covered Cherries                             $11.99

To Love & To Cherish                                   Not Available

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