Chocolate Covered Cherries

by Esther Price and Linda Otto Lipsett

Cover of book, Chocolate Covered Cherries

Esther Price's Memories

There are faces in frames in candy-store windows across America -- Fanny Farmer, Mary See.... For the most part those women are forgotten; today only their names remain as company names and the names on boxes of candy. Perhaps, in many ways those women's stories are similar. They began their candymaking in their kitchens desperately working during difficult times to make some money for their families in a man's working world.

One such woman was Esther Price, the founder of Esther Price Candies of Dayton, Ohio. She began making candy to help make ends meet during the Depression, fighting every step of the way against all odds to continue making candy. Always she had to hold fast to her unyielding determination and to her deep-seated belief that nothing is impossible. The name "Esther Price" of Esther Price Candies has become a company name synonymous with the candy. "Have an Esther Price," they say, meaninig, "Have a piece of candy." Soon, if not already by younger generations, Esther Price, the woman with the dream and determination, would be forgotten too. Instead, she recorded her story. Esther Price was a great candymaker, a true candymaker at heart forever. And that's the story she tells in Chocolate Covered Cherries. This book ncludes Price, Augspurger, Rohman, Mueller, Otto, Freese and Slye family histories.

About the author

Chocolate Covered Cherries: Esther Price's Memories by Esther Price and Linda Otto Lipsett, Halstead & Meadows Publishing, 112 pages, photographs throughout, CIP/LC 91-42370, ISBN 0-9629399-1-9, $11.99.

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