The Halloween Song
By Al Dana (I think)

It's almost Halloween

When ghosts and goblins scream

They fly about

And moan and shout

It's really quite a scene

They come into your home

All around they roam

They pass through doors

and walls and floors

They love when you're alone



Spooks and spirits are gathering

Trick or Treat

Down the street

But beware

It's Halloween

If you go outside

There's no where you can hide

From witches who

cast spells on you

While on their brooms they ride

So when the moon is high

Don't look up in the sky

For if you do

They'll come to you

Til Halloween's gone by



Spooks and spirits are gathering

Trick or Treat

Down the street

But beware...

It's Halloween


This song is very obscure.  In 1998, I borrowed a cassette tape from the library entitled Halloween Fun.  It looked kind of juvenile, but I thought I'd take a listen to it anyway.  There were three songs on it that I liked alot:  Scary, Scary Halloween, Tonight Is Halloween, and The Halloween Song.  The Halloween Song was a real has a very sad, nostalgic melody that sometimes even makes me a little teary.
A couple years ago, I decided to make my own Halloween compilation cd with my favorite songs on them.  I looked for the cd of the Halloween Fun album everywhere online and I couldn't find it.  I was very disappointed.
Then one day my sister, who knew nothing of my search, came home from the library and said she had come across a Halloween cd I might enjoy.  Low and behold, it was the Halloween Fun cd!
I added the three songs to my compilation cd, and they've become as much of a Halloween song tradition as the Monster Mash.  

9/2005 - Hmm, I guess I'll leave my little story up, because it shows what a fascinating person I am, right? *crickets chirping*
 Anywho, since I very much doubt a midi will be coming my way anytime soon, I have uploaded a low quality sample wav.
I strongly urge you to buy the cd Halloween Fun if you enjoy this song :)
Download SAMPLE

If anyone can make a midi of any of the three songs from this album I mentioned, please email me!
I can provide the mp3's or wav's, if need-be.

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