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A multi-enzyme based product, BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES has been designed to meet the needs of a water sensitive agro-environment.  Applications range from home to industrial i.e. oil (petroleum hydrocarbon) clean up, water treatment, sewage cleanup, agriculture inoculations, compost acceleration, reduces odors, and many other uses.  BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES serves as the catalyst for increasing soil bacterial activity and micro-organism growth that digest fertilizers and minerals in the soil and makes them readily available to roots for assimilation.


                                                             SOIL BENEFITS


* IMPROVES WATER PENETRATION INTO THE SOIL BIOTECH/AGRI-ZYMES reduces the surface tension of the water and allows it to penetrate more rapidly and deeper, bringing oxygen into the soil.


* IMPROVES WATER RETENTION With rapid and deeper water penetration, there is less run-off and less evaporation.


* INCREASES MICROORGANISM ACTIVITY AND AEREATES THE SOIL Deep penetration of oxygen carrying water increases micro-organism growth and flocculation of the soil.


* IMPROVES ROOT GROWTH The above benefits create an environment that allows deeper, healthier roots.


*   ASSISTS IN NEUTRALIZATION OF THE SOIL Movement of water deeper into the soil will assist leaching salts away from the root zones and improve microorganism activity that assist in digestion of soil components. This improves the pH level of the soil.




  BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES is manufactured in concentrations which are formulated to contain an enzyme base with a dispersant in a water base solution.


  BIOTECH/AGRIZYMES are micelizing enzymes which breaks complex  carbons into simple carbons. (For example: changes apples into applesauce.)


  Non-Toxic, Non-hazardous and Non-Flammable.


  Shelf Life - 2 years, store below 110º F. (43º C), Freezing not harmful.   pH 4.0 (weak organic acid).

   Boiling Point, vapor pressure and evaporation - same as


Applications & Uses 


Insects-Cleving Agent

Soil Remediation

Food Processing Plant -Brewery

Food Processing Plant - Dairy

Food Processing Plant - Heavy proteins/Cellulose

Food Processing Plant - Simple Sugars

Meat Processing Plant - Grease

Food Plant - Outside Aeration Pit

Grease Trap Effluent

Fiberglass Manufacturing Plant

Manufacturing - Metals Processing Plant

Manufacturing - Service - (Propylene & Ethylene Glycol)

Hydrocarbon Bio-Remediation

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Recreational Lakes (Bad Algae Blooms, Poor Clarity, Weeds)

Grit Chamber

Lift Station

Sewage Treatment Plant - Aerobic, Grease Trap Effluent

General Purpose Deodorizer, General Purpose Cleaner

Commercial Cleaner


Holding Tanks (Cleaning)

Drains and Drains Lines

Septic Systems

Industrial & Municipal Waste Water Applications, Municipal Grease Control

Grease Traps

Lift Stations & Wet Wells

Lagoons & Retention Ponds

Air Scrubbers

Cooling Towers


Septage Dump Site (Odor)

Low Flash Point Cleaning-Rags

Hydrocarbon Remediation

Recreational Lakes, Ponds, Swim Ponds, Swim Ponds, Pool & Spa Water Clarification

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