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PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements

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After a scientific review all of the data on biologically-derived PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements and evaluating its efficacy relative to other trace mineral products, the demonstrated physical and electrochemical characteristics of Haller Enterprises’ PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements proved to be much more compatible with the restorative needs of infertile, de-mineralized and devitalized soils, having the capacity to realign the out-of-balance energetic patterns that underlie structural problems that invite disease, in the soil-plant-human-animal matrix.


Simply put, Pure Fulvic Trace Minerals/Elements, due to their antiquity (undisturbed for over 30 million years), purity (formed in a pristine sea water marsh environment), balanced energy status (excited electrochemical potential, which can catalyze enzymatic reactions), and size (ionic and colloidal), in all applications, out performs all other trace mineral formulations, holistically.


Our Earth, the third Planet from our Sun, is a Living Organism.  All LIFE shares space on this planet.  All life forms are related and are sustained by the same energy (Spirit).  All life forms depend on each other.


Remember, we live on Planet Earth!!!  Our understanding and appreciation of the processes that govern it is essential to a responsible life.  This knowledge will allow us to make more informed decisions on how we use and conserve our inherited resources.



The Earth is approximately 71% water and 29% terra firma.  According to current science, not a drop of liquid water can be found anywhere else in our solar system.  It is because our Earth has just the right mass, the right chemical composition, the right atmosphere, and is the right distance from our Sun, that permits water to exist mainly as a liquid.  However, the range of temperatures and pressures on our planet permit water to exist in all three states, solid, liquid, and gas (water vapor).


I mention these facts to highlight and underscore the fact of life’s essential dependence upon the strategic qualitative and quantitative balance of the different forms of energy (particle and wave) unique to the Earth. 


The efficient functioning of all life forms absolutely depends on the maintenance of the celestial and solar rhythms, acting through Earth’s Biosphere, giving rise to this Balance.


Enter the human Being, the anthrosphere, whose activity has significantly impacted the supply and quality of the majority of Earth’s natural resources, primarily through agricultural and industrial practices, to the extent that the primary annual biospheric cycles are no longer regular or dependable.  The very basis of life on Earth is threatened due to our abject ignore-ance of the fundamental laws and principles which are responsible for life sustaining processes.


Energy moving through all living animals creates a quantum electro-dynamic body-field, i.e., an internal and external sphere of influence (aura), which has a lot of magnetic vectors, which are able to direct sub-atomic particles within the body.  This requires the Harmonic Balance of all fundamental building blocks (trace minerals) responsible for the preservation and sustainability of life.  If there exists a deficiency in at least one of these essential building blocks, disease soon ensues.


One of the most serious nutritional deficiencies in most animal and people’s diets all over the planet involves trace minerals/elements.  Because of this deficiency, much of what people eat every day, in terms of the basic food groups and regular vitamins and minerals, are not utilized correctly.  Without trace minerals, there will be gaps in the chemical sequences from nutrients taken into the body in order for the energy to be created in the cells so that the infinite number of biochemical and neurological pathways are totally integrated.  This includes the synthesis of amino acids, production of hormones, expressing a cascade of chemicals from the immune system cells, such as the macrophage for effective and efficient cell to cell communication, allowing mobility of the musculoskeletal system and the internal organs, regulation of metabolism, the filtering and elimination of waste material from such organs as the kidneys and liver, transmission of nerve impulses for over all regulation of the body and to think clearly and have balanced emotions and much, much more.  Furthermore, there is abundant research that indicates trace minerals have a lot to do with anti-aging and life extension.  The search for the legendary “Fountain of Youth” ends with the discovery of PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements.


There are few balanced and absorbable sources of trace minerals in the world.  It is my opinion that Don Haller of Haller Enterprises has found the most significant natural formation of humic shale (within the VG group) to date, from which the PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements are leached.  Unlike most trace mineral deposits, which are found in mountainous areas deep underground which require chemicals and acids to leach out the minerals, PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements are in an undisturbed deposit lying on top of the earth’s surface, therefore, being 100% water soluble. Hence, ONLY pure spring water is used in the leaching process which yields 1 kilogram of pure trace minerals per gallon of leachate.  This process is truly phenomenal, the results of which have not been duplicated anywhere, hence, the uniqueness in quantity, quality, and performance in all applications.


The following pages will answer most of your questions, while providing solutions to the universal issues and problems associated with soil loss and infertility, crop and animal production, plant, animal and human health, ecological sustainability, and agroecological biodiversity.


Ecosystems, human and animal health are all inextricably linked.  Food security and national security are inextricably bound.  Agricultural biological diversity provides the raw material for evolution and the base of ecological stability, and, without it, crop improvement is impossible.


PureFulvic™ Trace Minerals/Elements facilitates the passive transfer of a higher quality and quantity of Life Enhancing Solar and Lunar Energy, the sine qua non for the Food Web.   


Copyright, 11/13/07

About the Aurthor:  Dr. Layan Dawud Said was born in Oakland and educated at the University of California with degrees in Soil Physics and Plant & Soil Sciences in International Agriculture.He has an extensive 30 year background of research and field experience in the U.S.A., East/West Africa, Mexico and throughout the Caribbean while devising and utilizing agroecologicalfarming methods. He too, was responsible for developing protein and carbohydrate production systems appropriate for various biomes especially for use in the semi-arid tropics.


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