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Welcome to The African American Islamic Institute’s “Noor Ala Noor” Home Page, in Detroit, Michigan U.S.A. We are glad you stopped by.

(Insha-llah), You'll soon find facts and information about "The African American Islamic Institute", The Religion of Islam, Sufism and Tariqa Tijaniyya. We'll also include links to some of our favorite Web sites. Enjoy your visit, learn!

[We are now in the process of rebuilding all of our pages and links on this site.

We'll have Information and studies relating  to:  The Religion of Islam, Qur`anic References, Short Prayers, and Tariqa Tijaniyya.

Information relating to:
The African American Islamic Institute, its "Noor Ala Noor" Newsletter, its small books, brochures, and The Spirit of Good Morals.

Also: Shaykh Hassan `Ali Cisse, selected Speechs of Shaykh Hassan Cisse, and Rules on Women in Islam - a speech of Shaykh Mouhamadou Mahi Cisse, Shaykh Hassan Cisse's visit in Mauritania, and Shaykh Hassan Cisse's visit in South Africa, Aug-02.

Links to:
Prayer Schedules, and Islamic Calendars.

Plus notes of the Editor on:  The "Huroof -ul-Abjad" or Numbers of the Arabic Letters; and Stars, Numbers and Colors.

(NEW BOOKS!) Al Hamdu li-llah, the Michigan Chapter of the AAII has new copies of the “Spirit of Good Morals” (Ruh al Adab). Insha-llah, we will be asking $14.95 for each book. We haven’t yet worked out the postage costs for this and other countries, so far, it is $5.00 postage in the US, and $10 to $60 postage to other countries.   Insha-llah, there will be a discount for buying 5-9 books. Wholesale Price is for 10 or more. You may write to or email us if you are interested.

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For more information about the African American Islamic Institute see the links directly above:

To contact someone in New York City concerning the A.A.I.I., Tariqa Tijaniyya, Tijaniyya African-American women, or African women, please e-mail MS. Ashaki Taha-Cisse at:

MS. Taha-Cisse is a Vice-President on the AAII's international board, and the Corporate Secretary and Executive Director of the New York AAII and should be able to help concerning most inquiries.

[Editors note: We are sorry, but copies of the “Spirit of Good Morals”, written by Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse and translated by Shaykh Hassan Cisse, are not now available and have to be reprinted.]

For more information contact:

(Chief Imam of Shaykh Ibrahim Niasse Mosque, and President of AAII, Senegal)

Shaykh Tijani Cisse
B. P. 411
Medina-Kaolack, Senegal


(Vice President of AAII, Senegal)

Shaykh Mahy Cisse,
B. P. 411,
Medina Kaolack, Senegal.
Website: www.aaii.info,

Alh. Abdul Hakim Halim  (President (Michigan Chapter)
19445 Keystone
Detroit, MI 48234
Website: www.earthlink.net/~halimcisse,