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Our New York Masjid-School Project

The African American Islamic Institute

An Institute of Nasrul Ilm

Property Utilization Plan


The African American Islamic Institute (AAII) proposes the purchase and renovation of a two story building located at 2136 Frederick Douglas Boulevard, in the Harlem community of New York City for use as a Masjid, Qur`anic school, Islamic community center and to house community service initiatives to benefit the entire community. The purchase price has been established at $1,200,000, with an additional $500,000 required for renovation. AAII is seeking Islamic financing to purchase this property to permit development of the following programmatic components:

I. Masjid

The Masjid will be open for the five daily prayers, Juma`a salat and other Islamic activities. In addition to its historic, indigenous African American Muslim presence, the Harlem community has become home to a large West African immigrant Muslim population. The establishment of this Masjid will significantly contribute to the development of a unified jama`at within this community and to the strengthening of Islamic values through worship and service.

II. Qur`anic School

AAII’s Qur`anic School in the Harlem community will replicate it’s Qur`anic School in Medina-Baye, Senegal West Africa, wherein Muslim children and young adults study to become Hafiz-ul-Qur`an. The curriculum focuses on memorization, recitation and tafsir taught by qualified teachers from Egypt, Mauritania, Senegal and America. It is significant to remember that, at the time that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) left this world, there were only four people left who had memorized Qur`an. Today, thousands of children complete Qur`an each year in Senegal. The Qur`anic School in Medina-Baye has recently celebrated the completion of Qur`an by seven American Muslim children, whose parents sent them to us to become Hafiz. The establishment of the AAII Qur`anic School in New York will afford many more American Muslim families the opportunity to give their children the chance to become Hafiz and reduce the need for African Muslim families to send their children back to their countries in order for them to complete Qur`an. This school will make a significant contribution to the development of an indigenous Muslim Ulama in the United States.

III. Islamic Community Center

The AAII Islamic Community Center will be utilized to bring Muslim individuals and families together to strengthen the Ummah, to provide Islamic educational and cultural activities, and to reinforce Islamic values and practices through a full range of programming. This is an extremely important component of this project as we continue to witness the loss of indigenous and immigrant Muslim youth to the dunya culture.

The AAII Islamic Community Center will provide an environment that supports Islamic events and activities that provide on-going Islamic education. Activities will include Islamic Conferences, symposia and workshops, `Id celebrations marriage receptions, naming ceremonies, classes that welcome and educate new Shahadas, Arabic classes, and chaperoned social events for young Muslims. Special classes will be designed specifically for Muslim women which will honor their role in the family and expand their knowledge of their deen.

IV.Islamic Pre-School and After School Programs

The AAII Islamic Pre-School and After School Programs will meet a growing need in the Muslim community in America for Islamic environments for children whose parents work outside the home. AAII will utilize this opportunity to teach and reinforce Islamic values, how to make ablution and prayer, Zikru-llah, histories of the Prophets (AS), Seerah of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS), Qur`an and Hadith to nurture children’s love for Islam.

AAII will provide Islamic day care services for children of age’s 6-12 years. Qualified Muslim day care providers and tutors will work with the children to assure their spiritual, emotional, physical, nutritional and cognitive well being in a clean, safe, Islamic environment.

Al Hamdu li-llah.