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`Ali Harazim informs us...

`Ali Harazim informs us…


      `Ali Harazim informs us in Jawahir Al-Ma`ani that he found a document in the Shaykh’s handwriting containing his supplications to the Prophet (pbuh) regarding salvation, which read:

     I beg the favor of our Master, the Messenger of Allah, that he guarantee me admission (as his follower) to Paradise without being brought to any account or undergoing any punishment as the first group; I and all my ancestors male and female from my own parents to my first father and mother within Islam, and all the offspring of my ancestors male and female back to the eleventh generation, from their own days until the death of our Master `Isa (Jesus, peace on him) son of Mariam (peace on her), male or female, young or old.

     Also all those who have done me any benefaction in the realm of the senses or of the spirit of an atom’s worth or more, or those who have done me any profit in the material or spiritual realm since I came from my mother’s womb until my death. Also every one of my Masters (Shaykhs) in knowledge, or in the Qur`an, the Zikr, or in the Secrets, provided that they may not have become my enemy, but those who have become my enemies or hated me, shall not.

     Also every person who loved me and has not become my enemy and became devoted to me and recognized me as his Master or accepted my Zikr, or visited me, or served me, or he who has done anything I needed or invoked Allah’s blessings on me. All those since I came from my mother’s womb until my death, with their fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and parents and the parents of their husbands; I have asked the Prophet to guarantee that I and every living person of them die in good faith and as a Muslim. And that Allah make us safe from all His chastisement and punishment, all His awe, dreadfulness and terror, and all evils from death, until we dwell in Heaven.

     And to forgive me and all of them, all sins past and future. To fulfill on my and their behalf all that is incumbent on us, and all that is exacted from us and from them from the Treasury of Almighty Allah’s Grace. And not because of our own merits. And that Almighty Allah make me and all of them safe from adjudication, examination, or inquiry in matters small and great in the Day of Resurrection.  And I beg Allah to place me and all of them in the shade of His Throne on the Day of Resurrection, and that Allah make me and everyone of the aforementioned, pass on the shoulders of angels over Al-Siratal-Mustaqim faster than the winking of an eye.


     And that Allah let me and them drink from the pool of our Master Muhammad on the Day of Resurrection, and that He may admit me and all of them to His Heaven without any judgment or punishment as the first group. And that He may make me and all of them dwell on Heaven in Illiyyun. I ask our Master the Prophet (pbuh), to guarantee for me and for all those whom I have mentioned in this letter all that I have requested for myself and for them. A guarantee that will bring me and all mentioned in this letter, to all that I have sought from Allah for myself and for them.

     The Prophet (pbuh) replied (to him) in these blessed words:  “All that is in this letter I guarantee you. A guarantee which will not be withheld in your or their respect until you and all of whom you mentioned join me in the uppermost Illiyyun.” (`Ali Harazim says the Shaykh was awake, not asleep when The Prophet, peace be upon him answered.) 

     I have excluded from this guarantee him who changes to enmity towards me after love and benefaction, for he cannot hope for the forgiveness. I have also requested him (The Prophet, pbuh) that they who are the beneficiaries of this guarantee will die as Muslims. If you persevere in loving us then rejoice in what I have told you, for it will surely come to pass for all those who love us.


A Warning!


     We Tijanis should not take the Mercy of Allah for granted. Yes, we have been given a guarantee. But the guarantee has some basic points that are based upon being Muslim.

     Being Muslim is based upon five points. Of the five points, three must always be fulfilled. They are: Bearing Witness, Prayer, and the Fast of Ramadan. The other two depend upon the wealth of a person. We need only remember our father Adam (as) who was created in Paradise and did not have to wait to enter. He forgot himself and was expelled out of the garden.

     Beware Makru-Allah! Our Lord had ways of testing everyone’s basic intentions. If you are looking for ways to do Haraam (forbidden things) and still go to Paradise, you will end up the loser.

     Shaykh Tijani said that his followers should not do Haraam, because if they do Allah’s punishment would alight upon them by making them hate their Shaykh. Once they do that they will die as infidels and go to the fire.

     So my respected brothers I am adding this note of Warning, hoping you will take heed and let the lesson of our father Adam (A.S.) suffice us.

Hasbuna-llahu - wa ni`man wakeelu.
Imam Sayed.

Al Hamdu li-llah.