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May 2017
In The Name Of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

Shaykh Hassan Cisse, Founder ~ Shaykh Tijani Cisse, President
B.P. 411, Medina Kaolack, SENEGAL

The Prophets and the Saints see Allah before everything, the Righteous see Allah in everything, and the Common Believers see Allah after everything.[The Nocturnal Journey: and The Heavenly Ascension, p. 47.] [Contact Bilal Abdullah, c/o Masjid Taqwa Atlanta, 1677 Dorsey Ave, East Point, Georgia 30344 USA.] []

Allahu Jalla Jalaaluhu
Allah's Splendor be Glorified
MAY, 2017
Volume 20, Issue 8
Jewels of Discourse #4: 8-18-11
On the Spread of the Fayda Tijaniyya to All the Horizons

In the Name of Allah, The Most Gracious, The Most Merciful; all thanks and praise belongs to Allah, The Lord of all the Worlds; The Most Gracious, the Most Merciful; the Master of the Day of Judgment.
After this, I am sending this greeting of perfect peace from a servant who is absolutely enriched by his Master and Lord to be completely independent of everything but Him, Ibrahim ibn al-Hajj Abd-Allah al-Tijani. This letter is written to my beloved, the sincere mureed of my father, al-Hassan Jayin. You should know that I am writing this to give sincere advice to you - by Allah and for Allah - knowing that you are a true servant of Allah and a disciple of Shaykh Ahmad al-Tijani, may Allah be pleased with him.
Surely Allah - in His Eternal Wisdom - has decided to pour out [ifada] this Spiritual Flood in the Tariqa Tijaniyya upon the hand of its owner, and the Holder of the Fayda Tijaniyya [sahib al-fayda] can place it wherever he so chooses, by the Decree of the Almighty [al-Aziz], the All-Powerful [al-Jabbar]. The Faydaa will cover the horizons by the Power and Might of Allah, and no one will be able to hinder or prevent its spread to wherever there are Tijaniyyeen. Surely, Allah has tested some of the shuyukh and the leading muqaddamoun in their plotting and making false propaganda (against this Fayda and its Bringer) seeking to put out the Light of Allah; but Allah refuses except to complete and perfect His Light!
You have been my beloved since the time of my adolescence and that is why I am writing to you. I am warning you to not be among those who are seeking to put out the Light of Allah - out of mercy & compassion - not due to worrying about the spread of the Fayda, because it will spread by the Might and Power of Allah! Whosoever desires to conceal it will only help it to spread! Whosoever seeks to turn people away from it and its bringer will only turn people from him and not it! Look with the eye of your heart and you will see the veracity and truth of my words.
There is nothing that can take place in the Kingdom of Allah [al-Mulk] except that which He wills! I am advising myself and you to have conscious awareness of Allah [taqwa] - in public and in private - and to support the People of Allah with love, camaraderie (comraderie), and alliance, in order to receive from them the gift of Allah. Do not invite (people) to what is not for you! Allah says, "And follow not that of which you have no knowledge," (Qur`an 17:36). Whosoever desires honor and glory in this life and the Hereafter, let them know that to Allah belongs all honor and glory!
The love of Allah is known by having love for His people, and they are the Gnostics [Arifeen, Knowers]! Your neighbor, al- Hajj Muhammad Zaynab Niasse, may Allah be pleased with him, is one of the Arifeen, and I do not know of anyone who matches him in Divine Gnosis (divine knowledge). So be with him for Allah, in Allah, and by Allah, so that you can receive benefit from him and also to benefit your students. No one will be able to harm you in the least, either in this life or the Hereafter. If you do not take this advice, Allah will not be not harmed in the least! You will come to know in this life and the Hereafter that I have (written this letter due to) love for you and nothing else! Today I have love for nothing (but Allah) and Allah is Witness of what I have said!
Give my greeting of peace to everyone, especially to my son named after my father, al-Hajj Abd-Allah, and his brothers and sisters.
Sh. Ibrahim ibn al-Hajj Abd-Allah al-Tijani, Kossi, Kaolack, Sénégal 1930 CE | 1349 H.

[Muhammad Abdullahi al-Tijani al-Ibrahimi] (ARABIC to ENGLISH) [©2010 Atlanta, GA]

[Editors note: The following story about Prophet Joseph (pbuh) comes from a book that we found named: "The Bible, The Koran, And The Talmud; or Biblical Legends of The Mussulmans, it was compiled from Arabic sources and compared with Jewish traditions. It was printed in London in 1846.]
Prophet Joseph, peace be upon him.
[continued from April-17 newsletter.]
Yet not only in Egypt, but also in the adjacent, countries, a great famine prevailed. In the land of Canaan, too, there was no more corn to be found, and Jacob was forced to send all his sons except Benjamin to buy provisions in Egypt. He recommended them to enter the capital by the ten different gates, so as not to attract the evil eye by the beauty of their appearance, and to avoid public attention.
The Spies.
Joseph recognized his brothers, and called them spies, because they had come to him separately [by different gates], though, according to their own confession, they were brothers. But when, to clear themselves, they explained to him the peculiar circumstances of their family, and, to justify their father's carefulness, they spoke of a lost brother, Joseph grew so angry, that he refused them the desired provisions, and demanded of them to bring down [to Egypt] their brother Benjamin with them, and to be certain of their return, he detained one of them as a hostage. A few weeks later they returned again with Benjamin.

Jacob was indeed unwilling to let his youngest son depart, for he feared lest a misfortune similar to that of Joseph's would befall him: yet, to escape from famine, he was obliged to yield at last.
Joseph now directed that the corn which they had desired should be measured to them, but gave orders to his steward to conceal a silver cup in Benjamin's sack, to seize them as thieves at the gate of the city, and to lead them back to his palace.
"What punishment," demanded Joseph of the brethren, "is due to him that has stolen my cup?"
"Let him be thy slave," replied the sons of Jacob, certain that none of them was capable of committing so disgraceful an act. But when their sacks were opened, and the cup was found in Benjamin's, they cried to him, "Woe to thee! What hast thou done? Why hast thou followed the example of thy lost brother, who stole the idol of Laban his grandfather, and the girdle [belt] of his aunt?"
Still, as they had sworn to their father not to step before his face without Benjamin, they prayed [pleaded to] Joseph to keep one of their number as his slave in Benjamin's place. But Joseph insisted on retaining Benjamin, and Reuben said therefore to his brothers, "Journey to our father and tell him all that has befallen us; but I, who am the eldest of you, and have vowed unto him to sacrifice my life rather than to return without Benjamin, will remain here until he himself shall recall me. He will probably acknowledge that such an accident could not have been foreseen, and that if our brother [Benjamin] had been known to us as a thief, we should not have pledged ourselves for him."

Jacob Looses His Sight.
But Jacob would not credit the story of his returning sons, and feared that they had now acted towards Benjamin as they had formerly done towards Joseph. He burst into tears, and wept till the light of his eyes was extinguished: his grief for Joseph also revived afresh, though he had never ceased to trust to the fulfillment of his dream.
But now the brothers returned the third time into Egypt, determined to free Benjamin by force, for they were so powerful, that they could engage single-handed with whole hosts of warriors. Judah especially, when excited to wrath, would roar like a lion, and kill the strongest men with his voice *; nor could he be pacified until one of his kinsmen touched the prickly bunch of hair that, on such occasions, protruded from his neck.
(* "When Joseph would have shut up Simeon [the tenth son to come], his brothers offered him their assistance, but he declined it. Joseph commanded seventy valiant men to put him in chains; but when they approached him, Simeon roared so loud that the seventy fell down at his feet and broke their teeth. Joseph said to his son Manasseh, who was standing at his side, 'Chain thou him.' Manasseh struck him a single blow, and bound him instantly; so that Simeon exclaimed, "Certainly this was the blow of a kinsman!" Again, when Joseph sent Benjamin to prison, Judah cried so loud, that Chushim, the son of Dan, heard him in Canaan, and responded. Joseph feared for his life, for Judah was so enraged, that he wept blood. Some say Judah wore five garments, one over the other; but when he was angry his heart swelled so much that his five garments burst open. Joseph also cried so terribly, that one of the pillars of his house fell in, and was changed into sand. Then Judah said, 'He is valiant, like one of us'." -(Midrash, pp. 46, 47.)

The Recognition.
However, they once more endeavored by entreaty to move Joseph to set Benjamin free; but when they spoke of their father's love for him he inquired, "What, then, has become of Joseph?" They said, "A wolf has devoured him." But Joseph took his cup into his hand, and feigning to prophesy out of it, cried, "It is false; you have sold him." When they denied this charge, Joseph told Zulaikha to give him the parchment [receipt] that Judah had with his own hand given to the Bedouin when they sold him; and he showed it to them.
"We had a slave whose name was Joseph," said Judah; and he grew so enraged that he was on the point of roaring aloud: but his voice failed him, for Joseph had beckoned to his son Ephraim to touch his bunch of hair, which was so long that it nearly trailed on the ground. When his brothers saw this, there remained no doubt to them of their standing before Joseph, for they could have no other kinsman in Egypt. They therefore fell down before him and cried, "Thou art our brother Joseph; forgive us!"
"You have nothing to fear from me," replied Joseph,"and Allah, the Merciful, will also be gracious and pardon you. But rise, and go up quickly to our father, and bring him hither. Take my garment with you; cast it over his face, and his blindness will pass away."

Joseph Desires To Die A Muslim.
Scarcely had they left the capital of Egypt, when the wind carried the, fragrance of Joseph's garment to their father, and when Judah, who was hastening in advance of his brothers, gave it to him, his eyes were opened again. * They now departed together for Egypt. Joseph came out to meet them, and, having embraced his father, exclaimed, "Lord, thou hast now fulfilled my dreams, and given me great power! Creator of heaven and earth, be thou my support in this world and the future! Let me die the death of a Muslim, and be gathered to the rest of the pious!" Neither Jacob nor Joseph left Egypt any more; and both ordained in their testaments, that they should be buried in Canaan by the side of Abraham, which was also done. May the peace of Allah be with them! ***

(* The Jewish legend relates, that when the brothers learned Joseph's safety, they were unwilling to communicate it to their father, fearing the violent effects of sudden joy. But the daughter of Asher, Jacob's grandchild, took her harp and sung to him the story of Joseph's life and greatness; and her beautiful music calmed his spirit. Jacob blessed her, and she was taken into Paradise without having tasted death. -E. T.)

Al Hamdu li-llah