Which Side Are You On?

The doc opens for AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka at a major conference
The Theology of Work and the Dignity of Workers, St John's Law School NY 2011

As I was walking, I saw a sign there
And on that sign there, it said No Trespassing
But on the other side, it didn't say nothing...

And which side are you on?
Which side are you on?

Come all you good workers
Sad news I have to tell
Of how the good old union
Is being sent to hell

Now Walker in Dane County
he's gone and made it law
that none of his state workers
can fight for the union anymore

Which side are you on?
Which side on you on?

The court said "Corporations,
your money is your voice"
So they bought the last election
and called it the people's choice

Now the fat cat takes 9 slices
Leaves just one piece of pie
Then throws a big Tea Party
- Saying "Watch out for that union guy"

Which side are you on?
Which side on you on?

The banks jacked up home prices
by signing bogus loans
Now one hand takes our handouts
While the other takes our homes

To promote the general welfare
the constitution says
But the 1 percent get richer
While the 99 are on the res.

Which side are you on?
Which side on you on?

We've occupied Afghanistan
We've occupied Iraq
Now we're occupying Wall Street
And they're trying to push us back

Don't scab for the bosses
Don't listen to their lies
Working folks ain't got a chance
Unless we organize

Which side are you on?
Brother, which side on you on?

One day as I was walking
A sign was plain to see
One side said No Trespassing
The other said "I will be free"....

© 2011 Hugh Blumenfeld/ASCAP