ARTICLES Dozens of articles and over 70 reviews, originally written for the folk music site at, covering subjects like the perils of children's music, political songwriting, the history of folk music and more, plus Notes from the Road - a series of photoessays posted while on tour.

Greg Brown: Songs from the Ancient Fire. Originally published as the cover article in Singout! Magazine (Winter 2002), this long article is finally online (free) at

1996 Boston Book Review : Review of Robert Cantwell's book, When We Were Good: The Folk Revival .

1996 Boston Book Review : Essay on Andrew Calhoun's CD, Phoenix Envy.

POETRY LIKE BREAD : A short booklet published by Curbstone Press to serve as a reader's guide to Poetry Like Bread, their anthology of political poets. It is distributed nationally through Barnes & Noble and is a cross between a reader's manifesto and a Beginner's Guide to Reading Poetry.Slightly revised, it has been included as a chapter in the second edition of the anthology, printed 2000.

FAST FOLK ARTICLES (1983-1992): [to be added before hell freezes over]

2000 Baltimore Songwriters Association - A nice interview by Paul Iwancio prior to Hugh's leading a songwriting workshop down there. A nice combination of bio, philosophy and anecdote.

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