photo by Charles Kern

Meeting former Soviet counterintelligence chief Oleg Kalugin
at the start of SpyDrive in Washington DC

Letter to Captain Kangaroo (1971)

How to get rid of Lenin (July 1997)

The Inferior-Superior Russian (Aug. 1997)

The Tiger's Last Chance (1998)

Hall's Self-Justifications (Nov. 1998)

Countdown of Spies (Nov. 1998)

The Perseus Disinformation Operation (Nov. 1998)

The past does not exist: letter to NYRB (May 2004)

Letter to AARP: The Magazine (Sept. 2009)

Put-down of the BBC (Jan. 2010)

Substitutes for So-Called Tiger Medicine (Feb. 2011)

Letter to Hardball (Nov. 2015)

Morning Joe, Get Ahead of the War! (Oct. 2017)


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