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Sister/Benten Artists Rock Asia!

July 22, 2001!

The Quickie News Update!

Special International Rock Girls Tour! Benten Artists will be featured in a series of Japanese shows, joined by bands from China and Korea - in their first-ever shows outside their own countries! The "Wild Wacky Party Asia" tour is coming to Japan in September. Here is the schedule!:

Wild Wacky Party Asia!


Lolita No.18 (from Tokyo)
Mummy the peepshow (from Osaka)
HANG ON THE BOX (from Beijing)
Nonstop Body (from Seoul)

Tour dates:
9.24 Nagoya - Club Quattro
9.25 Osaka - Club Quattro (w/*Special Guest : SHONEN KNIFE*)
9.26 Tokyo - Club Quattro

New Compilation CD Announced:

Benten Label will release a new compilation CD in September, featuring some of the hottest female bands in the Asian World. "BENTEN BENTOH ASIA" will include great new tracks from these artists:

1.HANG ON THE BOX (Beijing, China)
2.NONSTOP BODY (Seoul, Korea)
5.SHRIMPS (takamatsu)
6.AMP PEZ (Shizuoka)
7.WORLDWIDE LOVE (Fukushima)
8.BELTERS (Tokyo)

New Lolita No. 18 Album Coming Soon!

Lolita No. 18 has been in the studio recording for their "BEST PUNK COVER SONG" album. The title is "THE GREAT ROCK 'N' ROLL FESTIVAL" (CRCS-1013 \2500 Yen). The album will be released in Japan, on Sept 19, 2001. If you heard their version of "Video Killed The Radio Star" - then you know you're in for a rockin' good time with the Lolita's giving the treatment to the best punk songs in one album!

BLEACH Online!

Three Japanese Girls from Okinawa! Yes, BLEACH has a new official website, and you can check out their profiles online now, by clicking on the BLEACH Official Homepage!

New Mummy Peep Show Page!

Mummy The Peep Show has a brand new Official Website now, too. The band is now performing as a Trio, having a great time of it... and getting great response from fans at their new shows. Be sure to get your copy of their recent album, "Electric Roller Girl" - available online! Here is the Official Mummy The Peepshow Homepage!

How To Order from Benten Label, Japan

Click photo for Official Petty Booka Website!

If you order any BENTEN CD now, you can get a free BENTEN 2001 Sampler CD, featuring 10 girl band & 22 songs!!!

For Example: To Order the new Petty Booka "Singing In The Rain" (a must have!), here's how to go about it:

Petty Booka: "Singing In The Rain" (BNTN-054)
Price (In US Dollars) is $20 + shipping cost $2.00 = US $22.00

*Please send CASH or International Postal Money Order (In the U.S. - the "pink one")
(Benten does NOT accept bank check or bank money orders, because they need to pay another $48 for bank handling charge when they convert it to cash in Japan!!!)

*Delivery: by airmail small package within 1 weeks after receiving the payment.

Please make your International Postal Money Order as (Pay to:) "Benten Label"
(please just write: BENTEN Label. Do NOT write "Sister Records" or anything else! Thanks!)

#403 Meijidori Bldg. 2-3-21
Kabuki cho, Shinjyuku-ku
160-0021 JAPAN

Phone: 81-3-5290-5551
FAX: 81-3-5292-5552

Please include the following information, when you write your order:
CD title
Artist name
Your postal mailing address.

thank you!

Please check in again soon - new Benten/Sister Label Tour Dates in English are being prepared to update this page!

Lolita No. 18 Events Schedule:

First-ever Korean Tour Dates!
*4/7/2001 ~ "The Battle of the Top!": Lolita No. 18 vs. No Brain.
~Seoul, DAEHAKLO Club S.H. w/#1 Korean Punk Band "No Brain".
...Also: Blue Punk Bugs, Pibada. Start: 19:00. Tickets: 10000 won.

*4/8/2001 ~ "Girl Goes To Punk": Lolita No. 18 w/3 All-Girl Bands.
~Seoul, HONGDAE Club w/Koreana Girl Band "Nonstop Body" + 2 more.
...Open: 19:00. Start: 19:30. Show Info: 019-552-0998 / 016-295-0804.

Benten & Lolita No. 18 Goods Shop Opens @ Shinjyuku MARUI!
Lolita No.18 and BENTEN Label Memorial Goods Festival!
*4/14 (sat) through 4/22/01 (sun) ~ Open: 11:00 to 20:00.
Location: MARUI ONE, Shinjyuku, 1F, Tokyo.
Lolita 18 comes to meet Fans Live: Sundays: 4/15 (15:00) & 4/22 (17:00)!

*4/22/01 (sun) ~ SHINJYUKU LOFT: 2nd Anniversary Show:
LOLITA No.18 vs Garlic Boys!@open:18:00@start:19:00

*4/27/01 (fri) ~ SHIBUYA-AX: Hang Out Sessions Night:
LOLITA No. 18 w/B-Dash/YKZ/Shaka-Rabbits/Bleach/175R
Open: 18:00 Start: 18:30.

*5/4/01 (Fri) ~ MUSIC DAY 2001 at SHIMOKITAZAWA Club Que
LOLITA No. 18 w/Kishidan
Open: 18:30 Start: 19:00.

*European Tour! (Mostly Germany & UK)
May 9 to June 10, 2001! (see listing following)!

Petty Booka Live Schedule:

*4/29/01 (Sun) SHIBUYA Crocodile ~ "Petty Booka from Texas" w/Live Bluegrass Band Show!
PETTY BOOKA w/Deke Dickerson from USA!

Mummy the Peepshow" Live Schedule:

*4/21/01 (Sat) SHINJYUKU HATUDAI (at wall):
MUMMY THE PEEPSHOW w/QP-Crazy Cone Yah One, December 12.

*4/30/01 (Mon) ~ "Modern World 4th Anniversary Punk Rock Mayday '01"!
At: NAGOYA Bottom Line. With: Cobra, Mummy the Peepshow (osaka),
Radio Shanghai/LA-Skals (kyoto), Sandiest (shiga), The Spectators (fukuoka),
Crikey Crew (Okayama), Panther/The Victims/Rattlebrain (Nagoya)
Open/Start: 16:00

*5/4/01 (Fri) ~ Osaka "Jyuso Fandango" Live Show
At: OSAKA Jyuso Fandango. With: "712", Overcoats, Starfish.
Open: 1800. Start: 1900. Advance: Y1500. Door: Y1800.

Lolita No. 18 - European Tour 2001!

April 10, 2001: The schedule for the Lolita No. 18 Year 2001 European Tour has been announced! Fans in Germany and the UK will have the opportunity to see this smashingly powerful female band from Tokyo in live performance! Watch for further information/changes here, as the Tour Schedule progresses. Lolita No. 18 just completed (2) historical Tour Dates in Korea - with great response from music fans there! You can see the full tour photos from the Korean shows, and the upcoming official European tour updates on the Sister Records Webpage!

2001 European Tour - Lolita No. 18!

May.11 Fri Weinheim - Cafe Centra ~ GERMANY
May.12 Sat Freiburg- Cafe Atlantic ~ GERMANY
May.13 Sun Winterthur - Albani GERMANY
May.15 Tue Stuttgart - lime light GERMANY
May.16 Wed Frankfurt - Nachtleben GERMANY
May.17 Thu Essen - Zech Carl GERMANY
May.18 Fri Dusseledorf - Hdj GERMANY
May.19 Sat Berlin - Knaack GERMANY
May.20 Sun Hamburg - Molotow GERMANY
May.21 Mon Wittenberg - Irish Harp Pub GERMANY
May.22 Tue Vechta - Gulfhaus GERMANY
May.23 Wed Kassel - Spot GERMANY
May.24 Thu Koln - Underground GERMANY
May.25 Fri Aachen - Musikbunker GERMANY
May.26 B-Gent - Frontline
May.27 B-Ninove - Lintfabriek
May.29 TBA
May.30 TBA
May.31 Thu Chelmsford - Army Navy Hotel ENGLAND
June.01 Fri Redditch - The Venue ENGLAND
June.02 Sat London - Camden Underground ENGLAND
June.03 Sun Exeter - Phoenix ENGLAND

Sister/Benten Join "Japan Nite" 2001 US Tour!

Waku-Waku! Benten Label joined the March 2001 SXSW Japan Nite showcase and Japan Nite U.S. Tour, which featured great bands from Japan. On the Tour were: Bleach (Okinawa - Benten), Love Psychedelico (Victor), Jerry Lee Phantom (Sony), Heart Bazaar (Toshiba-EMI).

US Tour Dates:
March 19 ~ New York @Elbow Room
March 20 ~ Chicago @Empty Bottle
March 22 ~ Seattle @Sit'n Spin
March 23 ~ Los Angeles @Spaceland
March 24 ~ San Francisco @Paradise Lounge

For the Complete SXSW, Japan Nite Tour Information & other great features, please visit the Official Sister Records (English) Website *HERE*!

Year 2000 History! Lolita No. 18 European Tour!

European friends of amazing rock moments in general... and great Japanese/GirlBand/Punk/Rock/Music/Fashion and Fun in particular - turned out for the Year 2000 Tour of "Lolita No. 18"! Sister/Benten Labels of Tokyo sponsored a radical fun tour of Europe, beginning in Amsterdam on May 17, 2000... and rocking 21 Cities through the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and Austria.

Previous U.S./Japanese Tours in March/April 2000 by the "Lolita's" made instant new fans for the band. "Lolita No. 18, "The Spoozys", "Mummy The Peep Show" and "Number Girl", toured together following their packed shows at the SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas on March 17th. Their Toy Doll Tour in Europe was also a defining, year 2000 world tour!

For a complete listing of the European Lolita No. 18 May 2000 Tour Dates, click *HERE*!

~ Here are the photos from the March 23rd "Toy Doll Tour" Show in Seattle! Presented in a killer site designed by St. Michael/2000 MX Graphics. Excellent pics from the Graceland show that night, with Lolita No. 18, Mummy the Peep Show, The Spoozys and Number Girl, on the final night of their U.S. tour! Couldn't be there? Then, go *HERE*!

Sister Records - Photos from the 3/23/00 L.A. Showcase!

~ The Spoozys! ~ The Band From Outer Space!

~ Mummy The Peepshow - Osaka Rocka's! New Album to be released in September 2000!

~ Lolita No. 18! Tokyo Punk de Go! Secret Link! This album recorded in England - completed September 2000!

Sister/Benten Label Group has earned a well-deserved reputation, growing world-wide, as the "Greatest All-Girl-Band Label in the World". The Benten Label originally came on the scene in very early 90s... the creation of Shisaka "Audrey" Kimura. There really isn't another "all-girl band" label like this, even in the U.S. Ms. Kimura employed top musicians in Japan and Hawaii - on the sessions for groups like "Petty Booka" - a singing duo (Petty and Booka!) The two girls do great "cover classics": Wonderfully arranged & produced asian-flavored U.S. Stylings in country,latin, asian, hawaiian, bluegrass and rock. With "Petty & Booka" singing - there is always a certain charm that's hard to resist. Their albums feature musicians like the "Tokyo Superpickers", Martin Denny, Modern Folk Quartet and others.

"Petty and Booka" were originally on the "Benten" label, in the "Flamenco A-Go Go" band. 3 Girls & a Guy. They gained famed as the best 90's underground college party band in Japan, and their songs are primal rock classics. 90's Girl Power Rebellion in Japan was hardly better portrayed, than the cool/sexy "Flamencos". The "Flamenco A-Go-Go" CDs remain among the top-sellers on the Benten label, having attained underground college party cult status! Benten later expanded to include "Sister Records" Label. The list of girl bands grew, with hard-playing groups like "Lolita No. 18", "Mummy the Peep Show", "Candy Eyeslugger", "Droop", "Little Fujiko" and "Smile Like Dog".

In 1997, "Lolita No. 18" toured in the U.S., hitting major cities across the country... and making many new fans. In Austin, Texas - they were wildly well-received in that year, at their SXSW Festival appearance. Their 1998 album, "Fubo Love NY" was recorded in New York & produced by Joey Ramone & Daniel Rey! Total Rocks include: "Rockaway Beach", "Go Go Psycho", "Bobby Tank", and "Only You". "Fubo Love NY" is punked up and prime! It is only available from Japan as an Import at this time, however.

Their 1999 album, "Yalitamin" - was their "10th Anniversary Album" and was recorded in Japan in early 1999: Great songs include: "Honey Dance", "The Teacher I Love", the blazing cover of "Video Killed the Radio Star", and a funked-up "Be My Baby"! The last track on "Yalitamin", is their cover of "Riding on the Rocket" - the anthem of Japanese Super-Group, Shonen Knife! On this track, Guest Artists Shonen Knife play the instrumental background, themselves - while Lolita No. 18 sing the words in their own, unique style!

Shonen Knife's friendship with "Lolita No. 18" goes back to 1997 - when the Lolita's did an impressive cover version of another great Shonen Knife speed-metal tune: "Antonio Baka Guy", one of the best tracks on the now-out-of-print album, "Naritaina! Shonen Knife" (I wanna be Shonen Knife). This was an Indie CD produced by Japanese Bands - each doing tribute cover versions of Shonen Knife's songs! Over 17 years, Shonen Knife have seen many headlining tours in the United States, and the world - certainly in Europe... appearing with Nirvana, Redd Kross, the Ramones, Sonic Youth, Biz & many others - and have always enjoyed a close appreciation with "friend bands". Their appearance on the "Yalitamin" album for the 10th Anniversary of "Lolita No. 18" - is such a friendship.

"Lolita No. 18" ARE:

- Masayo Ishizaka: Vocals! ~ True Punk Artist! Mercurial Vocal Power & Edge. Punk is Fun is Funk! Beer is Good. Has very cool cat called "Mankichi"!(American Short Hair) ~ Virgo!

- Ena: Guitar ~ Illustrator/cartoonist/designer. Collects Cartoon Books! Snoopy Fan Ena has a 'Burnies Mountain Dog' called "Lucky"! ~ Libra! A true guitar-slinger of the Flying V.

- Kim*Rin: Bass ~ She talks few words... Fashionable... Cool as Ice... Faves: Meet, Coffee & Dice. ~ Sagittarius! Her Bass Guitar levitates small objects in flight...

- Aya: Drums ~ Turtles are her friends. Turtles RULE! Pet: "Kin-Chan", a Rosian Tortoise! Collects World Turtle stuffs! Choco-turtles, turtle style, turtle shape! (Gemini - sign of the Twin Turtles!)

Appearing at the "Sister/Benten Label" SXSW Music Festival Showcase in 1999, were:

Mummy the Peep Show (Osaka) 8 pm
Dr. Strangelove (Tokyo) 9 pm
The Spoozy's (Tokyo) 10 pm
Number Girl (Tokyo) 11 pm
Lolita No. 18 (Tokyo) 12 pm
Original Love (Tokyo) 1 am

Bands on the followup "Lolita No. 18 Toy Doll Tour 2000" included "Lolita No. 18", "Mummy the Peep Show", "The Spoozys", and "Number Girl"! Here's the schedule as it occurred:

Lolita No. 18 - Toy Doll Tour 2000 - USA!

Date City Venue Information
March 17 Austin, TX Jazz Bon Temps Room 214 E. Sixth St. (between I-35 & Mo-Pal Loop1) Ph: 512-479-0474. This is a SXSW Festival Show! Check the online info *Here*.
March 20 New York City, NY CBGB's 315 Bowery (between 1st & 2nd St., Lower E.Side, Manhattan. Info: (212) 982-4052.
March 21 Chicago, IL Fireside Bowl/Lounge 2646 W. Fullerton. Info: (773) 486-2700.
March 22 Sacramento, CA Old Ironsides10th & S Streets. Show starts: 9 p.m. Info:(916) 443-9751.
March 23 Los Angeles, CA Silverlake Lounge (The Fold) 2906 Sunset Blvd. Info: (310) 663-9636. Holds 175 people - ticket EARLY! Here's the Map!
March 24 San Francisco, CA Paradise Lounge (Pollstar listings) ~ 1501 Folsom St.(at 11th St.) (Same location as "308 11th St." listings) Info: (415) 861-6906. Club features 3 dance floors. Shows generally at 8 p.m.
March 25 Seattle, WA Graceland 109 Eastlake Ave. E., Seattle. Club Info: (206) 381-3094. (Location: I-5 @ Denny Way) 2nd Info #: (206) 262-0482. Watch the Seattle Times for a listing.

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