Sacred Water is a new collection of original and traditional songs that I have composed, interpreted and/or arranged. The centerpiece of the CD is a suite (tracks 7 through 10) entitled Suite for Native American Flutes, Small River and Four Seasons. The suite, as well as the rest of the CD, is inspired by the personal experiences and memories that I have collected from years of journeying up and down Sugar Creek in Montgomery County which is located in west-central Indiana.

A little information about this beautiful stretch of water: Sugar Creek is a clear running, unpolluted stream which travels in a northeast to southwest direction as it cuts across west-central Indiana. The source lies in Tipton County and the entire river length all the way to the Wabash River is approximately 90 miles, 40 of that lying in Montgomery County where I grew up. Long before the first settlers came to the area that is now Shades State Park, the American Indians lived among the virgin forest with steep ravines and cliff areas along the river. Legends of the area claim that a rather large Piankeshaw village, a component of the diversified Miami tribe, lived on the land. Early Piankeshaw Indians named the creek Pun-go-se-co-ne or "Water of many Sugar Trees". Sugar Creek is generally conceded to be the most beautiful stream in the State. It runs either through or along a Girl Scout Camp, Pine Hills Nature Preserve, Shades State Park, Turkey Run State Park and Allee Memorial Forest. An added attraction is the many covered bridges over Sugar Creek and other streams in the area. Sugar Creek also boasts some of the world's most famous crinoid beds. My most vibrant memories spring from all the years I have spent canoeing, camping, hiking, swimming and exploring the land on and around this special river. Those memories are reflected in the rich tapestries of the music on Sacred Water.

Songlist, Track Information and Excerpts:
(Click on the highlighted song-name to listen to an excerpt)

01 - Blue Heron - J.P. Gomez eagle E flute, Absynth semi-modular software synthesizer, Dynamo analogue/subtractive software synthesizer, bass guitar.

02 - Lost Mountain Trading Post - Desre Dory horse head F# flute, Ken Wood sub-bass eagle F# flute, acoustic and bass guitars, Edirol Orchestral virtual orchestra, Edirol Super Quartet, various percussion.

03 - Wexford Carol (traditional Irish Christmas Carol) - Brad Young curly maple G flute, acoustic guitar, various percussion.

04 - Praying For Rain - J.P. Gomez hummingbird Bb flute, Ken Wood mallard F drone flute, Pat Haran Alaskan yellow cedar low Bb flute, Himalayan bells, wind chimes, various percussion.

05 - Painted Pony - Jim Morehouse hawk G flute, acoustic guitar, piano.

06 - On the Banks of Pine Hills - Barry Higgins major diatonic mahogany D flute, acoustic guitar.

Suite for Native American Flute, Small River and Four Seasons:

To listen to the complete suite, click the link below:
Gooseberry (Spring), Swimming Hole (Summer) Leaves Are Falling (Autumn), Huron Carol (Winter)
(mp3 format - 160 kbps)

07 - Gooseberry - Spring (written by Dan Trueman for Hardanger Fiddle) - John Madill sub-bass G "prototype" flute, Jim Morehouse hawk G flute, Edirol Orchestral virtual orchestra.

08 - Swimming Hole - Summer - Barry Higgins major diatonic mahogany G and major diatonic cedar low C flutes, Gary Cope side-blown bamboo E flute, acoustic and bass guitars, piano, various percussion.

09 - Leaves Are Falling - Autumn - Ken Wood overtone Slovakian shepherd's G flute (Fujara), Barry Higgins major diatonic mahogany G flute, Edirol Orchestral virtual orchestra, various percussion.

10 - Huron Carol - Winter (traditional Huron Christmas Carol) - J.P. Gomez Eagle E flute, Ken Wood sub-bass eagle E flute, acoustic and bass guitars, Edirol Orchestral virtual orchestra, various percussion.

11 - Fury, u-no-le (Tornado) - Ken Wood sub-bass eagle E flute, J.P. Gomez eagle E flute, Lee Johnson root-end black bamboo high E flute, various percussion.

12 - Shenandoah (click to listen - traditional Early-American folk song) - Desre Dory horse head F# flute, J.P. Gomez eagle E flute, piano.

All flutes except the Slovakian Fujara are North American Indian style flutes tuned to a pentatonic minor-scaled key except where otherwise noted. Gary Cope plays a Tacoma acoustic guitar and a Steinberger bass guitar. The synthesizer modules Absynth and Dynamo are made by the company Native Instruments. Orchestral and Super Quartet VST instruments are made by Edirol Corporation. All instruments played, recorded, mixed, arranged, produced and distributed by Gary Cope in his home studio using the M-Audio Firewire 410 Interface on a custom-built IBM compatible PC using Steinberg's Cubase SX, Adobe Audition, and T-Racks analog-modeled mastering software.

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