1988 Jeff
          w/Takamine 12 string (click to enlarge)Hi, I'm Jeff.....Since you're here visiting my page, I can only
think that you know me, or have heard of me, and want to find out what this whole "Guitorr" thing is about.  Well, it all started out as a hobby years and years ago.  Growing up in the age of popular guitar music, and having a deep appreciation for the singers and songwriters whose lyrics and music touched us all and defined our generation.  One thing led to another, and it was as if that hobby developed a life of its own, taking me down this road of teaching, performing and meeting some very cool people..  I am in the midst of a lifetime of music, that I can both look back on fondly, and look forward to the new things that await me.  Funny thing is, it was never intended as a career, and hopefully will never become one.  Just a true love of guitars, and guitar music, that can only come from the heart.  Thanks for coming by, I hope you enjoy my site.                  

Cheryl Warren is now teaching the beginning guitar classes at SCC, and I occasionally get the honor of performing locally with her.  Please check out her WEBSITE, too.

2000 Jeff w/1999 Martin (click to enlarge)
I currently own 10 guitars (a 1973 Takamine F-385 12 string, a 1980 Guild D-35NT, a 1988 Guild D25-12 12 string, a 1995 Takamine ESF-10C Santa Fe, 1998 Martin SPD-16R ,a 2002 Martin SPD12-16R, a 2002 Martin SPD-16REC ST,  a 2006 Takamine EF400SC),  a Voyage Air VAD-06 (folding travel guitar),  and a brand-spanking new 2013 Martin D-41,  .  Click on the links to see them.
Kath&Jeff, 1980 (click to enlarge) forest of guitars (click to enlarge) late
                  night session (click to enlarge)
Kath,Diane,Jeff 2000 (click to enlarge) Jeff B,
                  Wendy, Diane 2002 (click to enlarge) mustard
                  festival practice (click to enlarge)
first night at
                  Strange Brew (click to enlarge) Kath&Jeff at Strange Brew (click to enlarge) Napa Valley
                  Mustard Festival (click to enlarge)
                  Strange Brew 2000 (click to enlarge) solo Jeff
                  (click to enlarge) wedding jam
                  (click to enlarge)

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