Descendants of Hugh Entwistle

Generation No. 1

HUGH ENTWISTLE was baptized March 4, 1744. His parents were Ralph Entwistle and Ann ...... . He married Catherine Taylor in the 1760's and had about 11 children. They lived in Greater Bolton.

CATHARINE TAYLOR was born about 1748. She was buried at Turton Chapel April 25 1810 in Bolton.

Children of Hugh Entwistle and Catharine Taylor

  1. Abigail Entwistle bn. 1770's. Bolton England.

Generation No. 2

ABIGAIL ENTWISTLE: All that is known is that she had a child probably out of wedlock named ralph.

Generation No. 3

RALPH ENTWISTLE was born about 1785, probably in Bolton. He married Mary Douglas August 1806 at St. Peter's Church in Bolton.

Child of Ralph Entwistle and Mary Douglas

  1. John Entwistle bn. 1810 Bury, England.

Generation No. 4

JOHN ENTWISTLE was born about 1810, probably christened at St. Mary's Church in Bury, Lancashire England. He married Betsy Hoyle September 6, 1830 at St.Peter's Church, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire England.

BETTY HOYLE was christened October 18, 1809 at St. Mary's Church, Bury Lancashire, England. She married John Entwistle September 6, 1830 at St.Peter's Church, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancashire England.

Children of John Entwistle and Betty Hoyle

  1. James Entwistle bn. February 10, 1833 Bolton, England; died March 1895, Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  2. Hannah Entwistle bn. September 20, 1834 Bury, England.
  3. Ralph Entwistle bn. 1836 Bury, England, died March 1894, Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  4. Eliza Hoyle Entwistle bn. August 5, 1838 Bury, England; died aft. 1901, Bolton, Lancashire, England.
  5. Elizabeth Entwistle chr. November 18, 1840 Bury, England.
  6. John Entwistle bn. 1842 Bury, England.
  7. William Entwistle bn 1846 Bury, England.
  8. Isaac Entwistle bn. May 20, 1848 Bury, England. died November 13, 1914 Blackpool, England.
  9. Thomas Entwistle bn. February 12, 1850,Bury, England.

Generation No. 5

JAMES ENTWISTLE was christened February 10, 1833 at St. Peter's Church in Bolton, Lancashire, England. He married Margaret ........., about 1858, probably in Wheelton, England. He died in March 1894.

Children of James Entwistle and Margaret ...........

  1. Thomas Entwistle bn. 1858 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  2. John W. Entwistle bn. 1860 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  3. James Entwistle bn. 1863 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  4. Isaac Entwistle bn. 1865 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  5. Frederick Entwistle bn. 1867 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  6. Elizabeth Entwistle bn. 1869 Wheelton, Lancashire England.
  7. Hannah Entwistle bn. 1871 Chorley, Lancashire England.
  8. Eliza Entwistle bn. 1873 Chorley, Lancashire England.
  9. Charles Entwistle bn. 1877 Chorley, Lancashire England.

RALPH ENTWISTLE was born in 1836 in Bury, Lancashire, England.

ELIZA HOYLE ENTWISTLE was christened October 17, 1838 probably at St. Mary's Church, Bury, Lancashire England. She married Thomas Sherrington. He died prior to the 1891 census. They owned the Bull and Wharf public house in Bolton.

Children of Thomas Sherrington and Eliza Entwistle

  1. James Sherrington bn. 1877 Bolton, England.
  2. Hannah Sherrington bn. 1880 Bolton, England.

WILLIAM ENTWISTLE was born about 1846 in Bury, Lancashire, England. He married Hannah ....... about 1875.

Children of William Entwistle and Hannah ......

  1. John W. Entwistle bn. 1874 Bolton, Lancashire, England.
  2. Levi Entwistle
  3. Isaiah Entwistle
  4. Richard Entwistle
  5. Moses Entwistle
  6. Sarah Entwistle
  7. Hannah Entwistle
  8. Eliza Entwistle

ISAAC ENTWISTLE was christened March 28, 1850 at St. Mary's Church, Bury, Lancashire, England. He married Emma Dearden June 9, 1875 at Bradshaw Church, Bolton-le-Moors Lancashire England. He died November 13, 1914. He is buried in Layton Cemetery in Blackpool along with his wife. The grave has a headstone with inscription.

Children of Isaac Entwistle and Emma Dearden

  1. Elizabeth Entwistle bn. October 1876 Blackpool, England; died 1932 Sydney, Australia
  2. Emma Entwistle bn. May 26, 1878 Blackpool England; died ....
  3. Edith Entwistle bn. Jaunuary 1880 Blackpool, England; died 1969 Australia.
  4. Albert Entwistle bn. March 26, 1885 Blackpool, England; died October 14, 1918 West Orange, New Jersey.

Generation No. 6

JOHN WILLIAM ENTWISTLE was born about 1860 in Wheelton, Lancashire, England. He married Mary Peel June .. 1879 at St. Peter's Church in Chorley, Lancashire, England. He died about 1908 in Chorley.

Children of John W. Entwistle and Mary Peel

  1. William Entwistle bn. 1880 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  2. Thomas Entwistle bn. 1882 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  3. JohnEntwistle bn. 1885 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  4. Eva V. Entwistle bn. 1888 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  5. Maggie Entwistle bn. December 24, 1889 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  6. Maud Entwistle bn. June 1894 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  7. Hannah Entwistle bn. 1897 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  8. Norman Entwistle bn. 1900 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  9. Ethel Entwistle bn. 1901 Chorley, Lancashire, England.
  10. James Entwistle bn. 1901 Chorley, Lancashire, England.

ELIZABETH ENTWISTLE was born 1876 Blackpool, England. She emigrated to Australia and married Bill Connolly. They had no children. She died in Sydney, Australia in 1932.

EMMA ENTWISTLE was born May 26, 1878 Blackpool, England. She married George Sutherland in 1911.

Children of George Sutherland and Emma Entwistle

  1. Donald Sutherland bn. 1912; died in infancy.
  2. Winnifred Sutherland bn. 1914; died in infancy.
  3. Edith Sutherland bn. 1916 Australia. died September 16, 2002, Elsmere, Delaware.
  4. Ronald Sutherland bn. August 8, 1917 Australia; died June 6, 1991 Australia.

EDITH ENTWISTLE born January 1880 Blackpool England. She emmigrated to Australia and married Sam Sloyd. She died in 1969 in Australia.

ALBERT ENTWISTLE was born March 26, 1885 in Blackpool, Lancashire England. He married Abigail Alice Haigh March 11, 1907 in Orange, New Jersey. He died in the Great Flu epidemic of 1918 on October 14, 1918. He is buried at Rosedale Cemetery in Orange, New Jersey.

Children of Albert Entwistle and Abigail A. Haigh

  1. Alice Entwistle bn. December 6,1908 Orange, New Jersey; lives Flushing, New York.
  2. Albert Edward Entwistle bn. April 20, 1911 Orange, New Jersey; died January 1968 Livingston, New Jersey.
  3. Douglas Haigh Entwistle bn. November 4, 1918 West Orange, New Jersey; died August 19, 1998 Jacksonville, Florida.

Generation No. 7

EDITH ANNE SUTHERLAND was born in 1916 in Australia. She married Earl William Thomas. She met her husband in while he was stationed in Lancashire England after WWII. She resided in Elsmere, Delaware until her death September 16, 2002.

Children of Earl Thomas and Edith A. Sutherland

  1. Kathleen Thomas
  2. Douglas Thomas
  3. Brian Thomas

ALICE ENTWISTLE was born December 6, 1908 in West Orange, New Jersey. She married Herbert Horn January 1945 in Queens, New York. She lives in Queens, New York.

Child of Herbert Horn and Alice Entwistle

  1. Donald Horn bn. Queens, New York.

ALBERT ENTWISTLE was born in April 20, 1911 in Orange, New Jersey. He married Leila Kovanen in 1933 or so. He died January 1968 and is buried in Rosedale Cemetery in New Jersey.

Children of Albert E. Entwistle and Leila Kovanen

  1. Barbara Anne Entwistle bn. February 15, 1935 West Orange New Jersey; died February 2, 1983 Merrit Island, Florida.
  2. Albert Edward Entwistle bn. West Orange New Jersey; lives Livingston, New Jersey;

DOUGLAS HAIGH ENTWISTLE was born in November 4,1918 in West Orange, New Jersey. He married Miriam Jacobus August 7, 1943 in East St. Louis, Missouri. He died August 19, 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida.

Children of Douglas H. Entwistle and Miriam Jacobus

  1. Gary Douglas Entwistle
  2. Susan Entwistle
  3. Richard Entwistle

Generation No. 8

BARBARA ANNE ENTWISTLE was born February 15, 1935 in West Orange, New Jersey, She married George Thomas Kennedy on July 14, 1956 at Our Lady of the Valley Church in Orange, New Jersey. She died February 2, 1983 in Merritt Island, Florida.

Children of George T. Kennedy and Barbara A. Entwistle

  1. Kathleen Patricia Kennedy bn. January 16, 1958 Dayton, Ohio. died January 16, 1958 Dayton, Ohio.
  2. George Thomas Kennedy bn. 1959 Dayton, Ohio. Lives in Washington D.C.
  3. Michael Patrick Kennedy bn. 1961 Columbus, Ohio. lives in Boston, Massachussets.
  4. Joseph John Kennedy bn. 1963 Columbus, Ohio. lives in Manhattan, New York.

ALBERT EDWARD ENTWISTLE was born in West Orange, New Jersey. He married Barbara Savage and lives in Livingston, New Jersey.

Children of Albert E. Entwistle and Barbara Savage

  1. Robert M. Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  2. Richard A. Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  3. Linda M. Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  4. Laura Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  5. Michael Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  6. Albert Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;
  7. Patricia Entwistle bn. Livingston, New Jersey;

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