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Interesting Articles

We keep an eye out for articles with safety tips, helpful tips and useful tips.  Check them out!

Here you will find links to pertinent articles.  Everything from places to enjoy the outdoors to gearlists and gear tests.  Since articles are often removed over time, links may be broken.  If you find a broken link, please email me at  The first part of the email address is gsycampers.  I deliberately seperated the address as spammers now search the internet websites for email addresses.  The identify them by the @sign in the middle.  Then they load you with spam.  The gsycampers address had 1700 spammed messages and it took forever to sort legitimate emails from bogus ones.  Many people now show their address without the @ symbol and then others put it back in when emailing.  This stops automated systems from locating email addresses on the web.

Lions and Bears, What Should I Do?

What you need to know about drinking water!

Five Choice backpacking locations for the Fall

Floating the Snake River, Wyoming

Canoeing the Rio Grande

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