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Welcome to the Green Swamp Youth Camper webpages on Earthlink. The picture on the right is from a canoe/camping trip down the Santa Fe river. You are looking at the supply canoe, hence all the "junk" in it.  Our latest canoe trip was to the 10,000 Islands.  Check out photos by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.


We have our sites scattered on many servers in order to find free hosting to support all of our pages, since we do not have a budget for web building. In fact, we have no budget at all, since we collect no dues. Members simply pay their costs associated with an activity, or another member helps them out financially so that they may attend.
We appreciate those companies that provide free web hosting and allow us to save information and photos on their servers.


Please use the links to go to our webpages on other servers. you will find it worthwhile to do so. Our links contain lots of information even for non-members.


Click the text below the left hiking boot below to go to our main Home Page on the Tripod server. It connects to photos and information. The text below the boot in the middle will connect you to our MSN Group pages. The text below the right boot connects to our pages on Bravenet.  The navigation links at the bottom of the page will help you get around the Earthlink pages.


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Click here to email us. To prevent spam, the address is no longer visible on this page. However, if you can't contact us by clicking, we are at and our mailbox is gsycampers.

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