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Rest here a moment, oh ye of the Lost World of the Old and the Weird Racing Outboards, and feast upon the familiar and the bizarre in Unkie's Skunkworks!&nbsp; :o)
1/29/11 - check out the mk78H w/fab tower on the Amusement Park Expansion page......makin' a little progress!
12/10 -
I need a MARK 28 (or similar, e.g. Merc200) - any of you out there have one that we should discuss?  tnx
Updated the current expansion program page - got the new 44mod running.
Andddd this is a very cool calendar you may wish to check out (I have no commercial interest)  http://www.wolfy491.com/2011calendar.html

04/09  OK, the Amusment Park Expansion Program, since it only had 264 things underway, added yet another......more 75/78H stuff.
10/08 - CHECK OUT the addt'l Oct SaltSprings amusement park outing, on the SaltSprings page.

11/3/07 Amusement Park Expansion MILESTONE - we lit the HUBBELL 800 !!!!

New Cocktail boat Merc500 decals ooohhhhh.


Some of our Small Shiney Bits
If you can't pull these, get a bigger motor!

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