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Greg Meyer

Captain, Los Angeles Police Department
(Retired 2006)
Analysis - Prevention - Litigation Support

* Expert witness (1989 - present)
in federal/state/local courts
* Certified Litigation Specialist
* Certified Force Analyst
* Use of force specialist . . .
TASER, pepper spray, shootings,
excited delirium, sudden in-custody death,
policy, training, equipment, tactics,
supervision, investigation, review processes
* Law enforcement procedures
* Personnel practices
* Internal affairs
* Frequent seminar presenter
* Numerous published articles
Greg Meyer is a retired Captain from the Los Angeles Police Department.  His final assignment was as a Captain at the Los Angeles Police Academy.  His career spanned 30 years, including eight years as a commanding officer.

Greg is a member of the National Advisory Board of the Force Science Research Center (FSRC), and a member of the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). He holds the Certified Litigation Specialist credential of the Americans for Effective Law Enforcement (AELE), and the Force Science Analyst certification from the Force Science Institute.  He is a member of the AELE seminar faculty for lethal and nonlethal weapons issues.  He is chairman of the Training Seminars Committee of the Peace Officers Association of Los Angeles County (POALAC); and he serves on the advisory board for "POLICE" magazine.   He is chairman of the Los Angeles Police Historical Society.

He received his M.S. degree in public administration at California State University Los Angeles in 1991, where he completed his master’s thesis entitled, “Nonlethal Weapons vs. Conventional Police Tactics: The Los Angeles Police Department Experience.”

He has wide experience as a law enforcement executive in the motivation, training, and discipline of employees.  He chaired or served as an associate member for dozens of  LAPD Boards of Rights (internal disciplinary tribunals) conducting de novo hearings of employees of numerous ranks and all types of disciplinary issues.  In addition to his eight years of command experience including directing internal affairs investigations and performing administrative adjudications on disciplinary matters, on several occasions he served on the personal staffs of a variety of higher-ranking officers and reviewed these matters for them.

Greg has served as a use of force expert witness in his official capacity for the Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles District Attorney, as well as privately across the United States. He specializes in risk management issues including policy, training, equipment, tactics, supervision, investigation, and review processes, with a focus on injury reduction during lethal and nonlethal encounters.

He was an expert witness during the Rodney King federal civil trial, he was consulted by the local prosecutors as well as the United States Attorney's staff and the FBI, and he was a consultant for the defense during the sentencing phase of the criminal trial. He is the recipient of Defensive Tactics Newsletter's leadership award for his research in the nonlethal weapons field.



For further information, contact:    gregmeyer@earthlink.net