The Myst Guidebook



The Story of Uru

It is the present day. You stand in a huge, fenced-in area in the desert. Location: New Mexico, USA. Before you lies a now-dormant volcano, a large cleft in the earth (Atrus' boyhood home), and an airstream trailer. You soon meet Zandi and receive a message from Yeesha, who tells you to "seek the journey." You discover a special Age, Relto, that will be your new home. From here you encounter more books, leading you on a quest reaching to the great D'ni cavern itself. You learn that the D'ni Restoration Council (DRC) is at work making repairs and restoring Ages for exploration. Meanwhile Yeesha has another task for you: help the plight of the mysterious race of the Bahro.

The Story of Myst Online: Uru Live

After beginning initial efforts to restore D'ni and allow visitors, the DRC lost funding and was forced to abandon the effort and abandon the cavern. Finally, new support has been raised, and people are beginning to return to the ancient city. Explorers are returning and new Ages are being restored. Will you join the restoration?

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The Making of Uru

Uru was much the brainchild of Rand Miller, who sought to push the limits of what Myst could be. With the dawn of the broandband age, Rand envisioned not a static, closed adventure, but an epic journey. Something evolutionary, unpredictable, like real life. A place where friends could meet, and you could meet new friends to journey fantastic Ages with, and solve puzzles and share adventures together. Cyan began to explore realtime-3D technology shortly after Riven, and used realMyst as a practice case. As other studios worked on Mysts III and IV, Cyan worked on creating Uru: Ages Beyond Myst. Later released by Ubi Soft, Uru was to be introduced to players as a single-player adventure, then later expanded by a subscription to Uru Live. A subscription would open an evolving story, ability to play online with friends, and explore regularly released content. Unfortunately, sufficient interest wasn't raised in time, and Ubi Soft cut funding. Rand announced, "Uru Live is being put to bed."

Game content that was originally planned for release in Uru Live was re-structured into expansion packs: To D'ni and The Path of the Shell. Ubi later bundled all three titles as Myst Uru: Complete Chronicles. Devoted fans willed the memory of Uru Live to live on, and a small project, Until Uru, was established to let players continue meeting in the game environment. Ubi pushed Cyan to finish their five-game contract with Myst V: End of Ages. But after years of pouring funds into making Uru Live a reality, Cyan didn't have the financial support to stay open. Fans everywhere were shocked to hear that essentially all employees had to leave, and Rand was working to raise support.

The Rebirth

Fans encouraged Rand to seek support from GameTap, a subscription-based game service. GameTap ran the game as an exclusive, allowing Cyan to rehire some of their staff and open the game to multiple countries. Unfortunately again, lack of interest led GameTap to discontinue the game, and rights were returned to Cyan. With limited staff, Cyan is working to keep the content online and has suggested that new content be created by the players in the future.