The Myst Guidebook

Myst IV: Revelation


The Story

Atrus, Catherine, and Yeesha continue their peaceful life on Tomahna. Yeesha is now ten years old, the bright student of her father. You've returned for another visit. Catherine is away on a trip, and Atrus will soon be leaving to conduct some tests on Rime.

During your stay, Yeesha suddenly vanishes without a trace. A magical necklace left by Yeesha gives you flashbacks from her memory. As you search, you discover a startling secret: two descriptive books leading to Sirrus and Achenar's prison worlds. To rescue her, You must venture into the prison worlds, learn more about the family's past, discover if one or both of the brothers kidnapped Yeesha, and why. Reveal the truth.

The Making of Revelation

Cyan, focused on Uru, was still not enthusiastic about creating another traditional Myst game. Presto Studios, sadly, closed after Exile's release, so Ubi Soft decided to embark on a creative endeavor of their own. Rand reluctantly agreed to play Atrus one more time. At Ubi's studio in Montreal, another dedicated team went to work. Wanting to keep the pre-rendered look of the previous three games, Ubi sought to push the technology Presto pioneered in Exile. They created the "ALIVE" engine—integrating pre-rendered graphics, true 3D effects like moving clouds and falling leaves, high-quality video, and realistic pre-rendered animations like blowing trees and animal life. With a realistic 3D hand-pointer, you can tap on any nearby surface and get a realistic sound (metal, wood, rock), or swish your finger through a stream and see a realistic ripple. With a well-crafted story supporting, Revelation delivered more of the Myst fans love.