The Myst Guidebook


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The Story

You're standing on a floor of blackness, surrounded by a sea of stars above you. At your feet is an old book. The name "Myst" is on the cover. Inside, you discover a glowing panel on a page, giving you a vivid glimpse of a beautiful island in a vast sea. You touch the panel, and you find yourself in total darkness. Suddenly you find yourself on a dock, on the island you saw through the panel. You have no idea where you are, and have no option but to explore. Soon you will discover means to access other books, and you find yourself being petitioned by two crazed brothers, each apparently trapped in seperate malfunctioning linking books. You continue to think, to search, to unlock the secrets of these worlds. You also learn of the brothers' father, a man named Atrus, who has mysteriously disappeared. Who will you help? Who can you trust?

The Making of Myst

Myst was the creative dream of two brothers, Rand and Robyn Miller. Co-owners of Cyan Inc., they led a small, dedicated team worked to produce a realistic world based in an immersive story and full of challenging puzzles, first published in 1993 on the Mac. Cyan pushed the limits of early game technology to produce a masterpiece that held best-selling game of all time, a title held until bested by the Sims. After the release of Riven, Cyan released another, updated version—Myst: Masterpiece Edition—with improved resolution, animation, and music.


In 2000, Cyan released a drastically updated version, their first experiment with realtime 3D. Unlike the static, slideshow image format of the original, Cyan turned Myst Island and its Ages into living, breathing worlds with day/night cycles, moving clouds, water, and more. Sound and music was remastered by Tim Larkin, and a small additional Age was added as a bonus at the end—Rime.

Click here to get the demo (Mac and PC).