The Myst Guidebook


The Cleft

Welcome, traveler. You have entered a new realm, where books are portals into amazing new worlds. This guide is here for your use, should you desire direction or information on your quest. So turn the page, touch the panel and step into the Myst. And remember, the journey is its own reward.

Before you Begin...

As you explore, don't worry if you get stuck on a puzzle. There is always a way to move forward. Before using hints or a walkthrough or asking for help, give it a few tries. If you're still confused, take a break and do something else, then come back to it and give it another try. After that, read a hint. When at your wits end, you may need to consult a walkthrough to progress. Be warned: walkthroughs provide direct solutions and may ruin your gameplay experience.

The Myst Reader

The core of Myst is the story. To truly enrich your explorations I highly recommend reading the Myst Reader, a one-volume edition of Rand and Robyn Miller's three captivating novels: The Book of Atrus, The Book of Ti'ana, and The Book of D'ni.

About the Myst Series

Myst was a dream that began in a garage in Spokane, Washington, the dream of two very creative brothers. Their efforts produced a timeless classic that inspired an enormous fan base. From there the richness of the franchise has continued at Cyan and other studios, producing games that can truly be called works of art.