The Myst Guidebook

Myst III: Exile


The Story

Atrus has broken free from his prison in D'ni. After leading a search team through D'ni and other Ages, numerous D'ni were found who survived the fall (read Myst: The Book of D'ni). Believing it best for the survivors, Atrus decided not to restore D'ni and began writing a new Age of the survivors—Releeshahn. Atrus and Catherine have a new daughter, and move their family to Tomahna (suspected to be on Earth).

You arrive on Tomahna, and discover Atrus is a bit unsettled...his journals have recently been disturbed. Little does he suspect that a bitter man, exiled on the Lesson Age of J'nanin and seperated from his family for twenty years, has been plotting to take revenge on Atrus for Sirrus and Achenar's evils. He plans to lure Atrus to follow him to J'nanin by stealing the Releeshahn descriptive book, then force Atrus to solve an altered version of his own set of lesson puzzles. You must follow the exile, solve his puzzles, learn about his past, and rescue the Releeshahn book.

Atrus' link with the D'ni and the future of their world is in your hands.

The Making of Exile

After Riven, Cyan was exploring new ideas and new realtime-3D technology, and didn't really want to pursue another Myst title. Despite Riven's success, they then saw the Myst series as complete. Rand finished another novel—Myst: The Book of D'ni, which continued the story after Riven. But Cyan's huge fan base willed the epic to continue.

Ubi Soft, Cyan's new publisher, hired veteran Presto Studios to take on the next game. Cyan consented. Rand agreed to play the part of Atrus again, and Brad Douriff (One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers) joined to play the villain. Presto began to craft a story tying into the previous two games and the Myst novels, and introduced some innovative aspects to the game's technology. With a new approach, Presto mapped gorgeous pre-rendered graphics into 3D "bubbles", letting the player now look around 360 degrees at every step. Exile's lured fans with more amazing Ages to explore and challenging puzzles. The captivating, detailed result was a worthy successor.