Secret Radio is designed for adults. Sensitive subject matter that may be upsetting to younger readers is present in the text. Teens should read only with parental supervision.

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Secret Radio has been removed

Stay tuned for A STANDARD CHRISTIAN, scheduled to appear in April.

You can now purchase SECRET RADIO in hard copy. Hard hitting, funny, outrageous, and tender by turns, Secret Radio delivers a scathing assessment of the scandals, gross ignorance of Scripture, and back room deals that have been tolerated in Fundamentalism, while at the same time showing the genuine faith of many who labor for Christ and find Him faithful to His people. Told in journal format as Grace narrates her story, the book chronicles the lives of Grace and her four roommates during her senior year. From the dreamy Lilly who draws action and adventure comics to the brilliant, poker-faced Cinn, the godly Amy Carmichael and tragic Mary, this is a comedy about the tragedy of abuse of authority. Grace fills her adventures with vivid, real faces of a living and breathing humanity too often discounted by men dedicated to building big churches. The book introduces many characters: some of them villains, some of them saints, and most of them somewhere in between, but all needing the grace and mercy of God. Intended for adult Christian readers.

Secret Radio is now available in printed form! Click here

SECRET RADIO is now available in printed form: a single-volume, softbound edition, 7.5x9.25 inches, about 380 pages, that sells for $22.99. I hope readers will order one or two copies to give as gifts or keep for their own libraries.

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