A few pictures from the days of PLATO...

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All photos at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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CERL front entrance

Foreign Languages Site Photo 1

Foreign Languages Site Photo 2

Foreign Languages Site Photo 3 Poor pic but gives an idea of the size of the site

Foreign Languages Site front desk

A PLATO V terminal

Author's room at CERL with 3 PLATO V terminals visible

CERL Rm. 165 View 1 Flash has obscured display

CERL Rm. 165 View 2

CERL Rm. 165 View 3

CERL Rm. 165 View 4 Looks like late night gaming

Chemistry PLATO Classroom View

Chemistry PLATO Classroom View 2

A view of the CERL machine room That's Wes Dodd in the photo.

Another view of the CERL machine room

The Motor-Generator sets making 400Hz to run the big iron

Control panel for one MG set

CERL 165 (the Zoo) showing 3 original Control Data IST terminals and one Magnavox Plato IV terminal closest to the camera

Control Data IST 2 terminal

Microfiche film for slide selector-equipped terminals

Very blurry but hey, did you think to shoot this subject at this particular time of year? Alrighty then!

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