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Testosterone Replacement Therapies

  After a Testosterone Deficiency state (Andropause) is determined through blood testing, the object then become to offer the patient a safe and reliable means of hormonal replacement.  In women, larger doses of DHEA or Pregnenalone can be used in place of actual dosing of Testosterone. Although, there are important benefits to physique, mental functioning and libido that are obtained at a level with Testosterone that are not easily obtained with the other products.  In men, Testosterone is life!

It is clearly accepted by the medical community that as we age, both males and females, there is a natural decrease in all of our hormones.  These decreases are considered "normal" for age but, in the area of Anti Aging Medicine, these decreases are considered as causes for the on-set of many age related diseases and symptoms. Therefore, the goal of the physician is to achieve a level of hormones that reflect those seen between 20-30 years of age.  This premise of treatment is not accepted by the general medical community.  In fact, they have been lead to believe that we do not need to replace Testosterone.  Once you have been diagnosed with low levels of Testosterone, man or woman, and you receive replacement or supplementation, you will understand why they try and restrict it.  

Initial Laboratory Testing

1. Free Testosterone Level
2. Total Testosterone Level
3. DHT Level (DiHydroTestosterone)
4. PSA Level*
5. DHEA (DiHydroEpiAndosterone).
6. Estradiol and Estrone Levels.
7. SHBG Level* (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin).

*levels drawn in male only.


Testosterone Bio-Availability

Bio-Available Testosterone = (Free Testosterone) + (SHBGt) - (Total Testosterone).



1: Testosterone Cypionate: Injections

Testosterone Cypionate is delivered in an oil based injection into the buttocks. The schedule for injections, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, is based upon achieving a level in the serum or saliva that reflects a youthful level.  For specific information about this product and how to obtain it please press here

2: Testosterone Troche

A recent addition to testosterone replacement/supplementation therapies is the sublingual (under the tongue) gummy bear. This form of replacement delivers a Soy based Testosterone equivalent to 100mg.  When taken, it takes up to 90 minutes to achieve peak blood level responses. Most individuals claims that there is a heighten sense of well-being, better work out capacity, improved post-activity recovery, and an enhanced libido.  Since the product is water soluble, its peak effects lasts for about 4-6 hours and then decreases based upon the products half-life.  Women who use this product need 1/4 to 1/2 Troche every other day for ideal responses.
For specific information about this product and how to obtain it please press here.  

3: Testosterone Cream or Gel

The topical application of compounds that contain Testosterone are a simple and effective means of supplementing or replacing testosterone without a needle.  Since topical testosterone has a greater conversion to DHT, levels must be checked at the beginning and every 6 months. Elevated levels of DHT can increase sex drive, muscle size, decrease fat, increase prostate size (not cancer), cause acne and hair loss. For specific information about this product and how to obtain it please press here.  

To see if you may be Testosterone deficient, take the test at Testosterone Deficiency.