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My adventures in the land of pipe insulation


All the wood cut for the legs out of nice plywood. The waist plate is MDF. I used my jig saw plus my Rotozip. I traced the patterns from Mark Thompson's plans and used a glue stick to adhere them to the wood. It easily sands off after you cut. This took me about 6 hours.


I Clamped all four corners to get the legs level then drilled
four 3/8" holes for the 3/8 threaded rod I will be using for the top of the leg section.


Heres the final stack-up, you can see the piece of oak that fits over the threaded rod to lock down the top section to the bottom. I did this so I can easily break down the robot.



I used a similair method for the two legs. Note I added two threaded rods near the center to attach the top leg portion.


Finished with paint. I used Plastikotes grey bumper spray it's a good match and is a arylic resin so it remains flexible. I forgot to take photos of gluing the insulation to the frames.( I was to busy cursing!) what a pain in the butt. I used liquid nails but if I did it over I would use Goop.

Now all I need is my side panels to arrive. 3-27-04