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Nov 17th 2006 I added Joe Fox's blinker circuit to my electronics page.

Nov 15th 2006 Added pictures of my 16 row neon to my electronics page.


Nov 12th 2006 Added link for surplus switches I used on My B9's chest. You can find it on my electronics page.

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Nov, 5th 2006
Now that the torso is textured and painted my B9 is starting to resemble something. I opted to use clear light lenses for the belly lights. I feel they capture the first season robot better than the colored ones.


Click here for my chest lights in action!



Here is my first season B9 as of Nov 5 2006. I'm about
half way through with the electronics inside.

3-4-06 Started work on my torso hooks. Check the bottom of the torso page.

2-26-06 Added new photos to the bottom of the brain page.
Also added torso page.

Brains,, Brains!

Fun in the Tub

2-26-06 Added photos and 2 movies to claw page
Also added larger photos of librascope board to
powerpack page.

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