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Heres the story of scratch building my own B9 brain


As with most of my B9 building, I started with gluing my plans to the material I was going to cut. In this case it was 1/8" plexiglass. Because I needed 3 of these parts, one for the bottom, one for the top and one for the lip that holds the top I cut them all at the same time. Since the plexi has paper stuck to it I simply used some white glue to keep all 3 sheets together so I could cut them and they would'nt move


I cut out the inside of one of the triangles and supported it using 1" pieces of plexi and glued with goop. This lip will support the top of the brain so it will be able to be removed.


Another view


I cut the sides out of styrene. Cutting out all the little shapes is a big pain and really eats up your exacto blades. Refine the shapes with a file when your done. I used goop to then glue the side panels to the brain frame. Since I will be using leds for the brain the styrene will not be a problem.


This is how I glued on the long styrene, before I put the supports on. It's nearly imposible to clamp it while it glues because of the shape so I used the piece left over from cutting out the triangle pieces to jam the styrene up against the bottom trangle. This keeped it tight against it.


Heres the front panel glued on.


Heres my B9 brain wired with 18 bulbs run off of circuits I made from Joe Fox's diagrams


You can see one of the two circuits I built for my brain here. There are six seperate blinking circuits on two boards. Each circuit blinks three bulbs, one for each side of the brain. To make things easier I numbered each socket with its coresponding circuit. All of the sockets and boards are velcroed to the inside of the brain for easy maintinence.


Just another shot showing Scott S's brain cam.

I decided to make my own neck bracket to match Norm's brain cup. I used 1/8 plexi for the disc and some acrylic and pvc pipe. I used weld-on to glue them together.


Heres a top view showing the red acrylic tubing that will hold the hankscraft.


Heres the bracket painted. I used some epoxy putty to make tabs to mount the motor to. I also drilled out a small hole to run my wires.


Here's my B9's head completed. Thats Fred's bubble by the way. I tapped it in 4 places for screws. I used 2.5mm allen head black screws, the kind used for rc planes. I think the black looks cool, plus you really dont see them anyway. Below is another view.