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Building the radar was the trickiest part do date, but I had some good reference to go by from other B9er's.


I started by having the 1/8 plexi discs cut by a plastic company.

For the clutch pack I had 5 67/8 and 5 71/8 cut with 21/4 centers cut out. I used weld-on to glue them together. I printed out a plan for the fins and cut them out of 1/4 plexi. Now came the tricky part. I cut eight grooves into the clutch pack to accept the fins, be careful when you do this, It is important to go slow. I got a pvc coupling at the depot with a i.d of 4/14 and a o.d of 41/2 I had it cut to 3/8 in high and used goop to adhere it to the top. Once glued I used weld-on to glue in the fins. I have to thank Bob Greiner for his help and his great site for tips, and all the measurments. If your about to build a radar section from sratch do yourself a favor and pay his site a visit.

I laminated a 12 3/8x1/2 round piece of plywood to a 12 3/8x 1/2 round piece of mdf and cut out a center hole leaving about an inch lip. I then glued a 12 3/8 round piece of masonite to the top to get the 1 1/4 needed for the middle of the bottom radar section


Enter content here


The top view.


Heres the radar flipped upside down. Here I am gluing the bottom 1/8 plexi to ring to the bottom with goop, I've already glued the plexi disc to the masonite on the top of the radar. Notice that I have notched out where the ear posts will go on either side of the radar section.


I drilled a 1/2" hole and a 1/4" one right next to it on the top part of the radar. This is before I attached the clutch pack and will be used to bolt on the end cap that will hold the neck in place. The snaller hole will be used to run power to the brain.


I cut a 1/2" piece of steel threaded rod and notched a 1/2" washer to attach the 11/2" pvc end cap to the top of the radar section. The washer was notched so I could fit a 1/4" aluminum tube up into the end cap for the wiring of the brain.


Heres how the rod is attached to the inside of the radar section. Another notched washer accepts the 1/4" tubing.


After I blew a bunch of money trying to find motors that A) were quiet and B) were small, I finally stumbled on these timing motors at All electronics. These guys spin at 30 rpm, now on the show I've timed them at 48 put who cares it looks good. The only down side is they run at 110. I bought two flexi shafts from Hobbylobby, these are made for rc boats. The good news about these motors is that they are dead silent and only cost 2.50 each! Of course the flexi shafts were 16.00 each,, go figure. Anyway as you can see I mounted them to wood blocks inside the radar section with some goop


The motors spin Scotts ear posts great. The other thing I noticed was each time you power up these motors they change direction. Oh well, who knows, I just pretend that he's scanning In a new area.