The Tree of Life

A profound inquiry into the initiatic methods of
Gnostic Psychology, Sexual Alchemy, and the Holy Kabbalah

An 11-week Gnosis intensive course,
Starts Monday, January 12, 1998, 7:45 PM - 10:00 PM

This course is an introduction and a prerequisite for the Gnostic Center's One Year Internal Studies Intensive Program that begins Wednesday, April 8, 1998.

 For many centuries, the kabbalistic Tree of life has been the mysterious and veiled map of the initiatic path. Many a seeker has sought to unlock the deep mysteries of the Tree of life.Many have approached this quest intellectually and have merely discovered the intellectual Kabbalah. Others, the elite few, with the help of an authentic initiatic school, succeeded at seeing the larger picture of the Kabbalistic work. They saw a deep connection between Initiatic Psychology, sexual alchemy and the Tree of Life. They discovered that the sexual energies, carefully organized and transmuted constitute the most powerful key to kabbalistic realizations.

Today, with the magical keys of Gnosis, the sincere seeker can unlock the mysteries of the Tree of Life. He can aspire to unveil the profound secrets of the psyche, the kundalini and the knowledge of the aeons or sephiroth. He can even aspire to climb the Tree through profound esoteric psychological, alchemical and kabbalistic techniques.

Now, by participating in this theoretical-practical course on "The Tree of Life" presented by the Gnostic Center of Los Angeles, you too can learn:

  • How to awaken the psychological powers of the Being
  • Self-remembering, Self-observation, Non-thinking techniques of Gnostic Psychology
  • The Tree of Life and the methods of the esoteric Kabbalah
  • Kabbalistic meditations and dynamic techniques of interiorization
  • The secret of Daath, the Philosopher's Stone and the elixir of longevity
  • How to enhance life through daily practice of kabbalistic principles and exercises

The Gnostic Center
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Los Angeles, CA 90029
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