Mastering Astral Travel

Level I Training

Gateway to Other Realities

This 7-Week Level I Intensive Module is the

Prerequisite to Level II that begins in January 2005

Begins Monday, October 25th, 2004, 7:45PM - 10 PM

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"Astral Travel Level I Course" description:

• Throughout the seven weeks of instructional classes and astral projection guided exercises, the student will become experientially familiar and proficient with basic to advanced methods of Astral Projection and acquire an extensive and profound understanding of the Astral World.

• Step-by-step, the student will overcome any difficulties he may have had in getting out of the body. The student will forever set all out-of-body travel fears to rest

• The student will learn powerful energy generating secret techniques to ensure increased lucidity of consciousness while separating from the body and during the entire OBE experience.

• The student will learn and master Breathing and Imagination techniques and most importantly, Special sounds to be vocalized in the hypnagogic state - the transitional state between awake and asleep, to consciously travel out-of-the body and to even transport the physical body to remote temples and places in instants.

• The student will learn to penetrate the veil of the inner worlds, gaining access to Centers of Higher Learning, the Masters and Knowledge of the universe.

Course includes instructional lectures and astral projection guided exercises.

Download a flyer with registration form