Healing, Transmutation, and Rejuvenation

Lecture Series





Part III: Rejuvenation

There are stories throughout the world of people searching for the "Fountain of Youth." It is said that Pizarro desperately searched in vain for this rejuvenating fountain during his expeditions to the New World. The great secret, however, is that the "Fountain of Youth" does not exist outside of us, but rather exists within us. This fountain is our own sexual energies and drinking from this fountain refers to the transmutation of the sexual energy. The alchemists of medieval times were searching for the Philosopher's Stone, which was supposed to give them eternal life. Great alchemical treatises talk about creating this Stone, but use veiled language. The first step in order to create the Philosopher's Stone is to begin working with the rough mercury. This mercury is our own sexual energies. Working with the mercury means to transmute the sexual energies. Samael Aun Weor states: "Age does not exist. It is merely a crutch that people lean heavily on. What does exist is cellular mechanics. New cells are born, to replace the old cells that die due to erroneous processes of assimilation, etc. The rate of such replacement decreases because of us wasting our energies foolishly and thus, so-called old age arrives at our doorstep."

Even though it may sound like an extraordinary claim to the average individual, physical death does not have to take place. The idea that physical death must occur is an erroneous concept. We currently have defective mechanical and unconscious processes occurring within the body, and it is these erroneous processes that are responsible for the aging process. The people of Lemuria lived for thousands of years. The people of Atlantis lived for centuries. There are accounts of various Masters who are said to have lived for tens of thousands, and even millions of years, with the same physical body. There are a set of exercises within the Gnostic teachings called the Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation. These exercises have as one of their purposes the rejuvenation of the physical body. A person of seventy years can, if correctly practicing these exercises, transform himself into someone who is thirty or forty years old. Through transmutation and prayer, a person practicing these rites can ask for rejuvenation, the healing of an organ, general good health, increased intelligence or memory, the healing of an illness or disease, etc.

Samael Aun Weor tells the story of an old English army colonel regaining his youth:

"While in India at the age of 70 years, an English colonel learned that a lamasery (monastery of lamas) existed in Tibet where people could rejuvenate. He invited a friend he had, to come along. His friend was young and obviously did not want to listen to him because he may have thought that since he was young, there was no reason to seek a place to rejuvenate. On the day of the old man's departure, his young friend, as is to be supposed, laughed a great deal to see this poor 70-year-old man, with his cane, bald head, a few white hairs, very old, traveling towards the Himalayas in search of youth. His young friend thought: How funny, this old man has already lived his life and wants to live it again. And, of course, he saw the old man leave and the only reaction in him was laughter. The interesting thing of it all is that after about four months, the Colonel's young friend received a letter from the old man in which he said that he was already on the track of that lamasery called "The Fountain Of Youth", and this information, of course, caused the friend laughter and that is how matters remained. The truth is that four years later, something which was no longer a laughing matter occurred. Someone knocked at the young man's door.

The young man went, opened the door and said,

"At your service, what can I do for you?"

The visitor, who appeared to be a man of about 35 or 40 years answered,

"I am Colonel so and so."

"Ah..."said the young man, "You are the son of the Colonel who left for the Himalayas?"

"No," he answered, "I am the Colonel himself."

"But how is that possible if I know the Colonel, he is my friend and he is an old man and you are not old..."

"I repeat, I am the Colonel who wrote you a letter four months after my departure informing you that I had found the way to the Lamasery."

The visitor showed the young man his documents and obviously, the latter was astounded. Interestingly, while in the Himalayas, the Colonel saw many youths with whom he made friends at the lamasery known as "The Fountain of Youth". There was not a single old man there; everybody was young. He was the only old person; all the others were persons between 35 and 40 years. But later, after he became a very good friend of many, he discovered that all of them were older than 100 years old. In other words, all of them were older than he was, but none of them showed signs of old age. Of course, the Colonel was astonished; he committed himself to the discipline of the lamasery and succeeded in reconquering his youth."

To conclude, transmuting the sexual energies is the key to healing and rejuvenating the body and remaining free from illness and disease. Of course, psychological work on oneself is indeed necessary to combat illness. Since the hidden causes of disease are psychological in nature and created by the ego, the threat of illness will always remain as long as the ego is not completely disintegrated. Transmutation gives us large quantities of energy to work with in our daily lives and in our exercises. By working with transmutation we are opening the door to new possibilities, to the awakening of consciousness, and ultimately to self-realization.


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