Healing, Transmutation, and Rejuvenation

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Part II: Transmutation

The real secret to the rejuvenation and healing of our body is hidden in our sexual energies. These are the sexual secretions that we usually squander uselessly. The keys to increasing our energy level are:

1) Never waste the sexual energies, but rather transmute them.

2) Never waste the energy of attention.

If we transmute our sexual energies we will increase the energy level within us, so that we can accomplish greater and more serious tasks throughout the day. We will not have that feeling of lethargy, or laziness, or feeling tired and uninspired to complete a certain task. With this increased energy we boost our immune system, so that we get sick less often or not at all. The Gnostic esoteric work requires great deal of energy, which we do not presently have. After a hard day's work we do not have the energy to practice our exercises unless we have produced an energy "reserve" through sexual transmutation.

In addition to transmutation we should never waste the energy of attention. Of what good is it to transmute the sexual energies only to waste energy during the day through lack of awareness or of attention? Daydreaming, negative emotions, unnecessary tensions throughout the body, etc. are all signs of psychological sleep and we waste our energy through lack of attention to what we are doing. By being attentive to what we are doing, moment by moment, (self-observation and self-remembering) we will not squander our energy uselessly. If you begin to be attentive you will soon be amazed at the amount of energy you currently waste every day through these unnecessary activities. LIkewise, you will feel more refreshed throughout the day due to the energy you have accumulated. If this is combined with producing even more energy through sexual transmutation there is now have an adequate energy reserve to boost the immune system and progress in the Gnostic esoteric work. Work on oneself requires energy, and we will progress very little without this energy.

Use of the Sexual energies:

The sexual energies can be used for three purposes:

1) Reproduction

2) Degeneration (moral, psychological, mental, biological, physical, etc.)

3) Regeneration (moral, psychological, mental, biological, physical, etc.)

Degeneration occurs through the waste of the sexual energies, in any shape, way or form. Gnosis offers exercises with which these energies can be transmuted and thus energize ourselves. It is impossible to obtain control over the sexual energies without transmutation. They are simply too volatile and powerful, and if not transmuted they will be released from the body in the form of ejaculation, orgasm, etc. The practice of celibacy is not conducive to regeneration, but rather to degeneration. Instead of causing the sexual energies to become transformed and flow inwards and upwards, celibacy causes them to involute, flowing outwards and downwards. This is harmful to our physical and internal vehicles, and also causes sexual repression, mental instability, fanaticism, cynicism, etc. Due to their volatile nature, the only way to correctly and effectively work with the sexual energies is through transmutation, causing them to be transmuted inwards and upwards in order to regenerate.


The word "hormone" is defined as, "a substance, formed by internal secretion, that passes into the blood and stimulates organs to action." Hormones are produced by the endocrine glands of the body. Samael Aun Weor says that the most powerful hormones in the body are the sexual hormones. Loss or thinning of hair, for example, is due to lower sex hormone levels in the body. In the case of the physical body, when we transmute our sexual secretions we create special hormones that are not normally produced by the glands of the body. These special hormones then travel through the blood, stimulating various centers of the body (such as the brain, the immune system, various other glands, etc.) and also causing an increased rate of mitosis (i.e. cellular division). It is worthwhile to note that 98% of the atoms that today comprise our physical body were different than the atoms that comprised our body one year ago. These new atoms come about through the food that we eat, the air that we breathe, and the water that we drink. They replace other cells that leave us through the processes of excretion, perspiration, breathing, etc. This increased rate of cellular division causes new cells to replace old ones at a faster rate than before, and even to restore cells that would normally not have been replaced. This causes a youthful appearance and rejuvenation.

There is a very important relationship between the sexual energy and the cerebrum. It is well established in modern medicine that brain cells do not regenerate. To make matters worse, after the age 30 we begin to lose brain cells at a rate of about 30 brain cells per minute (or 1 cell every 2 seconds). Since the brain does not regenerate, these cells are usually lost forever, and the loss continues until we die. There is a way, however, by which we can replace dead brain cells: transmutation. Through the transmutation of our sexual energies we replace brain cells even after the time we would normally be losing them. This keeps our senses and intelligence sharp even throughout our latter years.

When we begin to transmute the sexual energies we soon notice the following benefits:

1) Increased energy throughout the day.

2) Increasing control over the sexual energies.

3) Laziness and sluggishness begin to disappear from our lives.

4) Less sleep is needed.

5) Positivity and optimism color our lives.

6) True will-power becomes a reality.

7) Headaches, colds, illnesses, stress etc. disappear from our lives.

Transmutation does not only involve the physical aspect of the sexual energies, but rather includes the etheric, astral, and even higher, counterparts. In other words transmutation does not only energize the physical body but does so to the inner bodies as well. Just like our physical body, our inner bodies require food, or nutrients, to function properly. The physical body needs proteins, carbohydrates, fats, etc. in order to stay healthy, and our internal vehicles need various foods as well. When they are not "fed" properly, these vehicles become weak and even sick. Certain illnesses that begin to form in our internal bodies are due to a lack of energy in these bodies . These illnesses eventually find their way down to the physical body, and eventually we become sick. These illnesses are due to incorrect psychological states, and they aredifficult to heal since what needs to be healed is the internal vehicle where the disease originated.

Transmutation helps in the awakening of the chakras of the astral body. Although it is not the only food for this body (for example, transformed impressions are another food for the astral body), through sexual transmutation the astral chakras will become energized. This will give us powers such as clairvoyance, intuition, telepathy, the ability to travel consciously in the astral body, etc. True willpower is a trait of the causal body; through transmutation we feed this body and this is why we gain true willpower.

Vortices: Through transmutation the vortices of the etheric body are developed. These vortices are "energy centers" found within the etheric body, and are important for the health of the physical body. The seven vortices are:

1) The occipital vortex, found in the area of the pineal gland.

2) The frontal vortex, found in the area of the pituitary gland.

3) The laryngeal vortex, found in the area of the thyroid gland.

4) The hepatic vortex, found in the area of the liver.

5) The prostate or ovary vortex, found in the area of the prostate glandor between the ovaries.

6) and 7) The knee vortices, located one at each knee.

These vortices are indispensable for the health of the physical body. Vital forces, life, prana, the 5 elements of nature, and the tattwas enter the physical body through these vortices. When they do not spin correctly, or when energy does not flow through them correctly, the physical body does not get its share of vital forces and consequently becomes imbalanced. Illness follows. Sexual transmutation gives energy to the etheric body and develops the vortices.

How do we transmute?

The question now remains, how do we transmute the sexual energies? Gnosis offers transmutation techniques for married and unmarried people. Various exercises, such as the Egyptian pranayama, the runes, and the Tibetan rites of rejuvenation can be used by married people and bachelors alike to transmute their sexual energies. They all involve prayer, visualization, vocalization, and adapting specific physical postures in order for the sexual energies to be transmuted. Gnosis teaches these exercises openly, but they are beyond the scope of this talk. The most powerful technique for sexual transmutation, however, is that of alchemical transmutation, and is practiced only by married persons with their spouse. The lowest aspect of alchemy deals only with the physical substances, and this part has been termed "the mother of chemistry." The highest aspect, on the other hand, deals with the regeneration of the physical body, the awakening of the kundalini, and the creation of the solar bodies of the Being. The main difference between alchemy and the other transmutation exercises is that the kundalini can be awakened only through the practice of alchemy, and not through any other exercise. Thus bachelors cannot awaken the kundalini. At times certain sparks from the muladhara chakra have been felt by bachelors, and this has often been confused with the awakening of the kundalini. These, however, are merely sparks, and should not be mistaken for the authentic awakening of the kundalini. In addition, the solar bodies cannot be created by bachelors, since a prerequisite for creating them is the awakening of the kundalini. Creation of any kind requires the Three Primary Forces of Creation to be present. Males are polarized with the affirming force. Females are polarized with the denying force. And the third force, the reconciling force, manifests when the first two forces unite. Since these forces become concentrated in the sexual glands, the third force comes about only through the sexual union between husband (affirming force) and wife (denying force). The entire topic of alchemy is a lengthy one and will be elaborated further during future talks.

Part III: Regeneration

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