Healing, Transmutation, and Rejuvenation

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Part I: Healing

There is an ancient Chinese story regarding a king who wanted to eliminate illness and disease in his kingdom. This king saw that everyone, at one point or another, became sick and fell under the influence of disease. This process brought about great harm and inefficiency throughout the kingdom. A person who was sick could not go to work or perform any of his duties as a citizen of the kingdom, and instead had to suffer due to the illness. His relatives had to take care of him, and this stopped them from doing their normal everyday work. Sometimes others caught the illness from coming in contact with the sick person. The king, noticing the problems that illness created, reached a decision to completely eliminate sickness and disease from his kingdom. This king knew the source of all illness and the steps to be undertaken for sickness to never again manifest. He set about teaching this to his subjects. These subjects in turn were ordered to teach these methods to everyone in the kingdom, so that no one could claim ignorance as an excuse for being sick. From that point on being ill became a crime for the inhabitants of that kingdom.

Unlike the kingdom in the story, however, disease and sickness have been around in every society, and show no signs of decreasing. People in modern society, at the first sign of illness, rush to their doctor so that they can be prescribed medication to be cured. Even in so-called "backwards" or "superstitious" cultures the medicine man or shaman has always been there to help people who have become ill. It has become deeply ingrained in our minds that sickness will always play a major role in life, and that we cannot avoid it, that even the suggestion--that we have the ability to never get sick--sounds preposterous. And it is, if we continue with our present way of thinking.

The problem with Western medicine is that it does not attempt to find the real cause of illness, but rather deals with treating the symptoms. Even so-called "preventive medicine" does not address the true cause of illness. There is no doubt that through "healthy living" and "healthy eating" we lower our chances of contracting certain illnesses such as heart disease or high blood pressure, but this does not eliminate the possibility of illness. The reason Western medicine does not address the real cause of disease is that the doctors of today ignore the real cause of disease. They always attribute illness to a bacteria, virus or some other microbe. In this way they try to create medications to combat germs and their effects on our organism. Germs would have never made us sick, however, if we knew the real cause of disease and worked with certain methods to ensure that we would never get sick. In such a case our immune system would have successfully combated the disease from the beginning.

Oriental philosophy does not view disease the same way Western medicine does. In the Orient it is believed that there is a certain energy running through the body, called chi, and it is this chi that gives us life and vitality. Illness comes about when this free flow of chi stops, when it becomes blocked somewhere in the body. The goal of the Oriental healer is to find where in the body the chi has become blocked, to restore the free flow by unclogging this area, and to discover the reason the chi became blocked. In this way the patient can be told the cause, and hopefully, the patient will be able to not fall sick again. This is the premise that acupressure and acupuncture are based on. Through the application of pressure or by inserting tiny needles in certain key areas of the body, the practitioner is attempting to free the chi and cause its normal flow to be resumed.

The Gnostic teachings contain a vast amount of information on the subject of healing and the causes of disease. Gnosis teaches that the true cause of all illness is psychological in nature. The ego that we all possesss is 100% responsible for the illnesses that we suffer in this lifetime. The elimination of ego also means the elimination of illness in our lives. However, once illness has struck, it can be healed through a variety of Gnostic techniques and methods: healing meditations, visualiation and imagery, healing mantrams and also, the use of plants, to name a few.

In his book, "Treatise of Occult Medicine", Samael Aun Weor shows us how to cure any disease through the special use of plants - the key here is that we are not only using the physical plant, but with the help of certain mantrams and meditations we are asking the elemental (plant spirit), or inner intelligence of the plant to cure the illness. The study of healing through the use of plants and elementals is an exciting and fascinating one, but one which is too extensive to be addressed here.

However, the major obstacle we must overcome to be healthy is the idea that we must inevitably yield to sickness, that we cannot live life free of illness. Gnosis teaches that under the right conditions our bodies are perfectly able to heal almost all diseases by themselves. The problem is that these conditions are currently not being met by the majority of humanity. We should always seek to have a healthy body because such a body can withstand all obstacles and is able to respond properly in any circumstance. In this way we can demand both material and spiritual work from our body, and it will not fail us. Samael Aun Weor states,"An esoterist, an initiate, should never be sick. Illness and tormenting problems are for people who are not on the real path." Our physical body has been described as the physical temple of our Inner Being, and to reach self-realization we need a strong, healthy body. We should not abuse our body, but we also should not succumb to its every whim.

Bacteria, viruses, the weather, etc. are not the real causes of illness. One of the ways that the psychological ego uses to let us fall prey to illness is by causing us to not have the proper amount of energy, or by not allowing the proper flow of this energy throughout the body. To be truly healthy one of the things we need is more energy than we presently have. The average person 's day consists of waking up in the morning still tired, getting dressed, having a bite to eat (maybe), and running off to work. He then returns home from work, has dinner, watches television to "relax" and then goes to bed. During the night he regains just enough energy to allow him to repeat the same pattern the following day. Does this sound familiar? Most people have barely enough energy toget them through the day. When this energy does not suffice, their immune system weakens and subsequently we get sick. After a certain number of years in this routine the usual illnesses follow: high blood pressure, heart problem, stress, headaches, etc.

Thus, we need to find out how to conserve energy and how toincrease the amount of energy we have at this time. This is done in two principal ways: 1. Psychological: self-observation and self-remembering (conserving the the energy of atention by living the moment and not becoming identified) and through transformation of impressions; 2. Alchemical: sexual transmutation (transmuting the sexual energies and directing them to a higher level).


Part II: Transmutation

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